Scene Control from add-ons in 3-way on red series

I searched through the forums some and from everything I can find it appears scene control (double tap, triple tap, etc) is not available from the add-ons if used in a 3-way setup with a red series. That would be a great feature to have if it were possible to add via firmware! I have a specific spot I want to have scene control’s, but its an add-on location. Apologize if this has already been “officially” requested, but I only saw it mentioned in a few threads. Thought maybe adding it here would be good :slight_smile:

Love my inovelli’s (Just ordered more yesterday and can’t wait to add them into the fold!)


Thanks @mike_m for the official request :slight_smile:

We definitely have this on the list to ask the manufacturer about. We’re working on finalizing the original firmware and once that’s out of beta, we’re going to kick off the alternate firmware with them.

We’re pretty pumped!

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Is there a timeline for this feature? I have a few rooms for which this would be great.

Not officially – the problem is that there isn’t any room on the smart switches.

@EricM_Inovelli – I can’t remember, did this make the official GitHub feature request and if so, where are we at with this?

Yes, it is in the feature request list but the the engineers say that 2x, 3x, etc. are not possible to add to the aux switch because of line noise and the reading of changes on the line. They have mentioned that 1x pushed, held, and released may be possible though.

Thanks for the follow-up on this. 1x and held is really all I need since this is for hue bulbs.

I currently have a complex node-red flow that syncs the dimmer level to the hue bulb for rooms with the 3 way setups. Unfortunately, the most used switch are the auxiliary ones so my regular flow based on central scene doesn’t work here.

Having 1x On/Off and held would be great to finally set the dimmer to smart bulb mode with central scene control.

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Expensive solution would be to use more dimmers, but I digress :smiley:

Is this something that is even doable? Can I just put two full blown LZW31-SN at each end of a three-way circuit without any problem?

@mathd SURE! I have it in two different locations in my house. LED bars even stay in sync. Secondary switch requires line and neutral. Primary can be neutral or non neutral.
Primary=Load switch
Secondary=Non load switch
Setup Association Primary → Secondary with groups 3 and 4
Setup Association Secondary → Primary with groups 3 and 4
Set param 12 (Association behavior) to 11 on seconday switch

I have neutral everywhere so that is not an issue. What about the traveler wire, does it need to be plugged in at all or does it get replaced by the associations of group 3 and 4?

Travelers does not get connected. They switches talk directly to each other and do not route through the hub.

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This is awesome! Thanks for the info @kreene1987 and @stu1811, I will definitely be going this way!


What is my current commission rate @Eric_Inovelli :smiley:


No need for commission here, it’s going to come from my pre-existing Inovelli box! :wink:


the engineers say that 2x, 3x, etc. are not possible to add to the aux switch because of line noise and the reading of changes on the line.

The engineers are incompetent. I just bought a Red Dimmer to replace a GE/Jasco one. The GE worked perfectly fine with multi-click scenes, which could be controlled identically with either the main or the aux switch.

I’m EXTREMELY disappointed that I just went to all the trouble of buying and swapping in an Inovelli, and lost functionality. Nowhere is this severe limitation mentioned. The product page proudly mentions “Scene Control” and “Multi-Way Setup”, no mention of them not working together. No mention of this limitation in the manual. Had to go searching for why it didn’t work, and found this thread.

Now I have to spend time to tear it out and put a GE/Jasco back in. Grrrrr.

Yeah the engineers who provided a switch that works with neutral, non-neutral, aux, dumb/existing switch, etc + give you 1000x more other functionality than GE are pretty dumb. I’ll be sure to pass it on.

I understand the frustration, but to call our team incompetent is a pretty ignorant thing to say.

That one is on me and I apologize, the page can be more clear and I will fix it.

For the record, this is the first time in 2+ years of selling this switch that this, “severe limitation” has been called out as misleading on our product page.


No, it’s not ignorance. Other switches support aux switch scenes, thank you. You don’t even have your own aux switch, but suggest using one which works perfectly fine elsewhere. Amazing that you support aux switches at all, what with all that line noise randomly turning lights on and off. Strange how others don’t have that issue.

1000x? Nope. You do have pretty, blinky lights, though. And 2X the price.

That’s an inappropriate response. I’ll simply avoid Inovelli in the future. We’re done and I won’t make that mistake again.

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Just in case you’re looking to sell:


Do you have the model numbers of the dimmer and aux switch that provide this functionality? I’d love to investigate what is going on there. The internals of our devices are different as they do have additional functionality. I know it is easy to throw insults over the internet, but I believe our engineers are some of the most talented in the industry. If there is a way, they usually figure it out.


@harjms Thanks. I moved it to a location which didn’t need a 3-way. I wanted the additional LED display capability. The new location is sub-optimal for visibility. And, unfortunately Homeseer doesn’t have black paddles available (yet?).

Both GE/Jasco and Homeseer (the two aux 3-way switches Inovelli says work with their dimmer) support multi-tap scenes when using them. Since Inovelli didn’t bother to document their limitations, I had a reasonable expectation that the Red dimmer would support it, too.

@EricM_Inovelli GE/Jasco ZW3010 (47192, black paddle) w/ AS2005 (not sure of the black paddle p/n) add-on. Multi-tap scenes have been working just fine for me. I haven’t used the Homeseers, but their website clearly states that their HS-WA100+ aux switch “Supports Multi-Tap event triggers of the connected load switch or dimmer.”

So, clearly the limitation is not with the aux switches you recommend.