Setup LZW30-SN + Home Assistant + OpenZWave beta


I am running:

Home Assistant 0.115.2
Docker ozwdaemon (latest)
Docker mosquitto (latest)
Hass OpenZWave 1.6.1240

I just installed my LZW30-SN. The zwave device is found as LZW30-SN Switch Red Series by Inovelli, and I can toggle it on and off, but in Home Assistant I cannot find node entity values. Does anyone know how I can have these values added to home assistant? I know I need to move a config file somewhere (zwcfg_‘hash’.xml found in my Home Assistant - config folder?)

If anyone can point me in the right direction, this would be a big help.

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Running the OZW means that the zwave isn’t done in HA at all so you don’t need to put any files in the HA setup. There is no HA setup required beyond installing the OpenZwave integration to get the devices to appear in HA.

In HA interface under config and then integrations you will find the OpenZwave integration. Click the Devices and see what’s under there. If it’s not there, I would try excluding it and then including it again.

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Great - thank you. I see that the switch is recognized.

I’m curious now how to get central scene support going for this. Is this another XML file that I need to configure?

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It should just work.

Here’s the trigger I use with the 1st gen dimmers.

    - event_type: ozw.scene_activated
      platform: event
        node_id: 12
        scene_id: 1
        scene_value_id: 1

And here is the scene id and value data for the 2nd gen dimmers.