SOLVED - Blue 2-1 Switch - Ground terminal is stuck closed

Bottom Line Up front: the ground terminal on a Blue 2-1 switch is stuck closed so I can’t use it. How do I fix it or get it replaced?

I’ve installed probably 10-15 switch so far (both Red and Blue - I love them!) and everything has gone pretty well. Today I was installing a batch and came across one that I just could not get the ground terminal to properly open. The screw operates in both directions, but the “plate” that secures the wire never moves and stays in the closed position.

Any advice for fixing it or working around it? Otherwise, how do I go about getting a non-defective switch? I ordered the batch a while ago, but opened the box for the first time today for the install.

EDIT: I found a thread that describes the problem exactly. It looks like there are a couple of workarounds that I can try. What if they don’t work?

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So, I posted too early. LOL. Should have search more thoroughly before posting.

I edited my post with a link of a workaround that seems to have done the trick.


  1. Gently pop off the paddle faceplate with a flat edge screwdrivers
  2. Carefully remove the four phillips screws under the faceplate
  3. Use a small flat edge screwdriver to pop the “pinch plate” back into place
  4. Reassemble.