Soooo close... (Rewards points help)

I need two switches to complete my home Z-wave implementation. I have around 25 Inovelli switches, dimmers, and fan controls. I need one fan & light control and one black series dimmer. When the points from my last purchase are out of purgatory, I’ll have 11,245. That means I need 55 more points.

There are 50 points available if I update my profile. I’ve tried that, but nothing I do awards those points. And after that, I’ll need to find a way to get 5 more points. Help?

@Brianna_Inovelli – can you help with the profile situation?

@DeltaNu1142 – an easy way to earn some points would be to fill one (or two or more) of these forms out. We’re really trying to amp up our compatibility (or non-compatibility) bulb and/or fan list. We’re really in dire need of ppl who have the fan/light switch to fill out the form so we can list compatible fans.

Should be an easy minimum 20-30 points to push you over the edge :slight_smile:

Thanks for the support!

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I’ve fixed this for you so you should see your rewards points show up! I’m working on a better way to get these points since the goal is to have people update their shipping addresses since that is where your rewards go when you redeem them! You should see these points in your account now! :slight_smile:


Thanks Eric & Brianna - I checked out the compatibility surveys last week and will definitely do that. I was mostly wondering why I couldn’t get the profile points to show up, and now they do!


Noted. I’ll try to hop on this quickly!

That would be awesome, our list is pathetic right now haha – there’s two fans listed :frowning:

Good news is that it looks like Hunter fans are stealing the spotlight!

Hi @Brianna_Inovelli I have the same issue. My profile is updated with all current info, but still not showing the 50 points. Can you fix mine as well? Thanks :smiley:

Hey Mark!
Your account shows that you got your “complete profile” points on the 2nd of this month. If you scroll down on your account page you should see that in your points history.