Introducing Inovelli Rewards

Regarding: Coming Soon: Inovelli Rewards Program

Hey all! I wanted to say thank you to everyone who contributed thoughts and ideas to our Rewards Program! This has been my baby over the past few months (technically this project started in July, but we ran into a road-bump when our then rewards program provider ended up overpromising on things we just wouldn’t compromise on). Now that we’ve found a better rewards program, I’m super excited to explain a bit more in detail what it will involve and what we plan to add in phase 2!

Earning Points: You will get 10 points for every $1 spent (not including tax or shipping), we plan on adding more ways to earn points that don’t include spending money like leaving reviews and creating your own videos but right now you can earn more points by making sure you’re following us on social and completing your address information in your Inovelli account! Your account address is where we’ll send your rewards when you redeem them!

Earning Rewards: Once you reach enough points for a reward your account will notify you. Right now, our rewards are free products, however we plan on adding things like Inovelli Merch and even cooler rewards like getting to name a project or having your signature alongside ours in the box (maybe even a trip to HQ to meet with the team… who knows)!

Tiers: You’ll earn more points as you increase your tier
Bronze - 0 - 3,999 points Points (10 Points per $1 Spent)
Silver - 4,000 - 24,999 Points (12 Points per $1 Spent)
Gold - 25,000 - 99,999 Points (15 Points per $1 Spent)
Diamond - 100,000+ Points (17 Points per $1 Spent)

We’ve given you all points for your past purchases from June 1, 2020 to present. I want to emphasize that we manually edited this list so it MAY NOT BE ACCURATE. If you see your account points do not match your previous purchases, please email us at [email protected] so we can update your rewards. Like I said before, I appreciate your patience as I’m sure we’ll find more things to edit as the program launches.

Phase 1: What is currently available for rewards points

  1. Purchases ($1=10 points)
  2. Follow us on Twitter
  3. Like us on Facebook
  4. Follow us on Instagram
  5. Birthday Bonus
  6. Complete Account Address (this address is the one we’ll send your rewards to)

Phase 2: What will be available soon for rewards points

  1. Leaving Reviews
  2. User generated content
  3. Reading and understanding install articles after purchase
  4. Completing company surveys
  5. Solving community questions

The great part about this rewards program (other than the obvious of giving back to you… our community) is that we can also give rewards manually. Answer a valuable question in the community before Phase 2? You might get some points! Post a cool video to social about us? You may just get some points! We’re excited to be able to offer something more consistent as a way to give back instead of random sales that may not be on the product you actually want.

Alright… one more thing, starting tomorrow through the end of February you’ll get 10% more points on purchases!

That’s all I’ve got. I’m excited to push this live tomorrow, Friday the 12th, I look forward to your feedback and engagement!


Do we get extra points if we’re the first person to hit a certain tier…? :joy:

Hang on. @Gryffindor @Slytherin

You guys hear that we can get points here??

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They WHAT?!

@Hufflepuff you know anything about this?


No. Is this Dumbledore’s idea? Giving you guys the cool mascots was his idea. I got a skunk or something :skunk:


Edit: I’m just glad we’re not house Sloth or Chicken or something worse.

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I’m here for this. Whoever’s post gets the most likes gets 10 points for their house :joy:


No, but you do get more points for purchases when you increase your tier!


So… how do we sign up for this? An what about existing guides that have already been created? Are those included in user generated content?

Great question! You don’t have to sign up if you already have an Inovelli account. You’ll just have to login on our website (The program will be going live later today). We haven’t established our phase 2 point structure yet but we’ll try to make sure everyone who has written valuable content for us is rewarded.

Ah ok, I’m logged in but I couldn’t see points or anything. I’ll wait til 10am, thanks!

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In true Inovelli fashion we had a last minute change and had to make a temporary pause. Working on it now!

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Awesome, I’ve been waiting for this!

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Haha. Refresh, refresh, refresh. Or did you mean 10am PST? :wink:

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Yes! This is exactly what I meant… I get so confused with the timezones these days hahaha

1pm EST everyone (in EST)!

WE ARE LIVE! Inovelli Rewards

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Can I ask why June 1st was the cutoff?

Got the fb/twitter done, updated address, yay!

My only balk is the order history cutoff. I have 25+ devices and only 6 are credited towards my account. I understand as a business decision you needed to cut it off, but as one of the regulars around here it does seem that maybe gen 2 devices could count…

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Our initial thread mentioned a January 1, 2020 cutoff date, but this was when we planned on announcing our program around August. After we switched providers we kept that same 6-7 month cutoff. Like I said above though we plan on offering other ways to earn points outside of purchases in Phase 2!

Originally I thought orders from Amazon would count towards rewards. Is that still true? If so, my order from July 2020 is missing. Also my order from your site from August 2020 is missing.