Strange behavior Red Series Dimmer - 3 Way w/neutral


I have 2 of the Red Series dimmer switches installed in 2 separate 3-way configurations with dumb switches. One of the switches occasionally will turn itself off after about 10-15 minutes. This seems to happen when someone has turned it on or off earlier from the “dumb” switch - though I have not found a regular pattern to this. If I turn the light on from the smart switch, it normally stays on till I turn it off. However, yesterday it turned itself off while I was in the kitchen and I turned it on from the “smart” switch. Shortly after that, it turned itself off. I then went and turned it on from the “dumb” switch and it stayed on.

I looked in the Hubitat logs and there was a bunch of debug information but no on/off entries (is this strange?). I had, earlier in the day, set up a Node-Red flow to log Hubitat events to a database and when I looked there I could see the on/off events within 10 minutes but there was no indication as to what triggered the off action. The other switch is working just fine. Neither of the switches have any automation (except for one “All Off” routine). Both switches are on firmware 1.35 and are using the Inovelli drivers.

Any idea what could be going on? I’m starting to get flack for replacing a perfectly fine “dumb” switch…:roll_eyes:

Hey @rakeshg - curious, does this fix this issue?

I know it’s a bit different then what you describe, but wanted to see if this somehow fixes the issue.

So far - it appears to be working. The problem is fairly random, but I did try to do what I thought was triggering the issue - turn light on from dumb switch. So far, it’s been solid.

We have 24 dimmers that were in three-way or four-way wiring configurations and I can confirm that after we changed the following parameters, the issue of the dimmer turning off after being turned on was resolved:

parameter value
6 = 90
21 = 1
22 = 1

We also set these parameters, so that the dimmer would turn on to full on (90) whether controlled locally at the dimmer or via a controller, otherwise they will turn on to “Last Dim Level” which was the factory default.

09 = 90
10 = 90

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