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Two LZW31-SN in three-way using associations - LED sync

Hi, guys. From reading the forums, I see there is some issues with dimming level LED sync and I am trying to find a way around that. I wrote my own software using OpenZWave, so I’m not able to use a provided tool to set the associations, so I am looking for a little clarification.

  • I have two of the dimmers in a three-way configuration
  • I set an association from the aux (Z-Wave source) dimmer to the main dimmer (Z-wave target) on group index 2.
  • When I turn on the aux switch, it updates the LED on the main switch, but using the main switch does not update the aux.

What’s the prescribed low level way to get these things synced? Can this be fixed by setting up an additional association in the other direction (main-> aux, group 2), or is that going bounce back and forth forever? I can take care of it in software, but I’d prefer an implicit hardware solution.

Thank you,
Josh Usovsky

I have the same problem with the LED dimming level not syncing, did anyone come up with a solution for this? I’m using SmartThings and used the z-wave association tool. Is there a software workaround (WebCore or another association group) to get the LED’s sync’d?