Unable to reset switch or start pairing

Hello! I just got my new Blue Series switches and I’m excited to try them out. Unfortunately I cannot seem to get them to pair to my bridge (Conbee II + rpi using zigbee2mqtt). Even more odd, the switch doesn’t seem to respond to the reset/pairing command the way that it should.

I followed the instructions here: Setup Instructions | Blue Series Smart 2-1 Switch (On/Off & Dimmer) - SmartThings

I hold down the “config” and “paddle up” buttons for 20 seconds, the light goes from green to yellow to red… but then when I release the buttons it just blinks red (3 times) and then goes back to solid blue. No pulsing. It isn’t recognized by my Conbee dongle even with a USB extender and holding it a few inches away.

Similarly, when I try the alternate method of pressing the config button 3 times, nothing happens at all.

I know the buttons are physically working because I’m able to switch “modes” using the config/up/down buttons. But the reset command just doesn’t work.

I’m kind of at a loss. What am I missing?

When you release the buttons after the led bar goes red, which are you releasing first? (needs to be the other one, I think it’s config but not 100% atm).

Thanks for the response. Unfortunately no luck. I just tried it again with every combination; hold config first, release config first- hold config first, release config second, etc…

The wiki says to release config first and when I do that I get the 3 red flashes before going back to blue. Otherwise it turns magenta briefly and then goes back to blue. Either way it never pulses- just stays solid blue.

I believe you get purple when only the config button has been held for 20s. You’ll be pressing both up and config at the same time and holding them both for the full time until the led bar goes red and then let go of config first and then up.

Is that what you’re doing? If so, maybe double check that the up paddle is being pressed all the way and nothing blocking it?

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Yup understood. It only turns purple when I let go of “up” first. When I hold both and release config first, I get the red flashes and then back to blue. Quick vid here: - YouTube

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Video is marked private.

Sorry! Try it now 5394 - YouTube

That looks like you’re doing it right to me…what happens when you pull the air gap, give it a few and then push it back in?

If I cut the power or pull the air gap, it does start up and pulse briefly (maybe 10-20 seconds) before going back to solid blue but zigbee never detects it. I tried adding a wireless hue switch just to make sure the bridge/dongle was still working and it gets picked up right away. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Weird. It is supposed to stay in pairing mode for 3 minutes after reset. Are you SURE it’s not on the network as a ghost or something? Seems like it thinks it’s joined a network somehow, but as far as I am aware there isn’t a “force unpair” in zigbee. You just delete the device from the network.

Yes definitely. I ordered 4 of these and I just took another one out of the box and wired it up. On the very first power up, it blinks 3 colors (teal, blue, yellow) and then pulses blue for 35 seconds (timed it) before going to a dim blue. It’s the same every time I cut and restore power.

I can hit the toggle switch to go between bright blue and dim blue. I can change Wiring Type and Switch Type using the guided sequences. However, I cannot initiate pairing without cutting the power. Pressing Config 3 times does nothing and holding Config+Up until it turns red just brings it back to solid blue.

Both switches have the exact same behavior.

Neighbor stealing your devices? (j/k)

Strange that multiple switches are doing the same thing. Can you turn off your zigbee hub and then turn on the switch? I’d be curious if you get longer than 35 seconds of inclusion.

lol, I had this exact thought but his ability to pair a Hue switch makes me think it’s less likely.

Yup just tried that. No difference.

I thought about the possibility of it being picked up by a different network but in that case it should flash a confirmation color, right? My switches just go from pulsing to solid blue.

Yeah it will flash green when picked up by a coordinator. I’m struggling with this one. I don’t think anyone experienced this in beta testing… The fact that 2 switches are doing it is VERY weird… More as I think of it.

@kreene1987 It seems like the production run of switches are behaving differently than the beta run. I think fact that beta run was flawless should stop being referenced as excuse to downplay everyone’s issues. Inovelli team and insiders need to get their hands on batch of production run switches and test.

How quick are you triple tapping the config button?

I don’t think we’re downplaying it at all. Many of the testers didn’t see this issue and are trying to help out the best we can. The help we’re offering shouldn’t be discounted because we only have/had access to the beta run.

It just feels accusatory on every page here, like we MUST be doing something wrong because the beta run was flawless. Just reserve comment if you don’t have anything constructive to say about your experience with non-beta devices at this point.

Edit: There’s too much smoke here for there not to be a fire IMO.

Beta run was FAR from flawless, but pairing was never an issue for any of us.

Production run is in the mail for me AND I’m in a brand new much larger home with zero zigbee devices, so I’ll be able to sort for myself what the production run looks like.