Update on ZWave products?

Hello, is there any progress on the new ZWave project lines? I understand zigbees/thread/matter are easier then ZWave due to the rules ZWave has. However I like to know what to expect and I hope they are not forgotten.

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Any one in particular? The new Red series 2-1s have been out for a bit and shortly you’ll start seeing the ZWave Motion switch, ZWave on/off and some others.

Fan switch or on off switch mainly. Currently I have 2in1 for all my other switch.

Potential for On/Off Switch (ZWave), but may need additional funding streams:

Fan switch…not sure. I can’t remember all the upcoming product names.


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Project Windy City is currently on hold. Maybe @Eric_Inovelli can revive the product. :smiley:

The motion switch, scene controller and canopy module are the ones “coming soon” that I know about.

I believe there are no plans for a fan switch and not the on-off switch unless they can figure out how to fund it.

I’m in the same boat. I know there’s a new Zigbee fan switch, but I’m 100% Team Red.

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@Eric_Inovelli - New Inovelli-logo swag in the online store???

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