VZM31-SN: Firmware Stuck for Part of Switches

I got a pack of 10 blue 2-1 switches around half year ago, and recently as I start to install all of them, I noticed that some of them have a stuck firmware version number. I am using latest version Zigbee2Mqtt and Sonoff Zigbee stick plus-P, not sure if that matters though.

As shown in the screenshot above, while all other switches are updated to 2.15 today successfully, kitchen lights have stuck on 2.14, and foyer lights have stuck on 2.08. By stuck, I mean clicking “check for updates” shows no updates.

The kitchen switch was installed a bit earlier with a successful firmware update already (which is why it’s now at 2.14). It’s a single pole config with fairly good signal strength.

The foyer lights is in a 3-way configuration with an aux switch, has LQI of 83, and was recently installed.

Is this a known issue? How should I debug it?

Give this procedure a try. It’s a bug in Zigbee2mqtt: Blue Series 2-1 Firmware Changelog | VZM31-SN - #440 by bgreet


That totally works!

The firmware has probably already been updated as the read-out of swBuildId is already 2.15

And actually I did not have to “reconfigure” the device, somehow it reloaded itself.