What to look for in bulb with Red Dimmer V2

I saw that the Red Dimmers V2 are MOSFET (which I think is the same as MLV, and if not, how do they relate?). I also saw that they are leading edge.

I find it is often extremely difficult to find out if a bulb is MOSFET, MLV or Leading Edge and virtually impossible to find out if they are both MOSFET and leading edge.

If I am going to try a bulb based on only one of those criteria which is more important?

Is there a good source that lists both parameters? Besides normal bulbs and those for high hats (aka cans, aka floods) I’m looking to replace my fluorescents with LEDs and some of my fan lights need a candelabra tip. So any suggestions are ver appreciated. Of course, I want them all to be dimmable.

P.S. I will be using these with a Hubitat hub, if that matter.



Check out: