Yet another strobing post. :)

Howdy, all!

I’ve got a LZW31, running under Hubitat, which I’ve been using for some time now. (I am using the custom driver instead of the generic Hubitat driver.) I have dimmable LED bulbs, which easily meet the required load. I do not have a neutral wire.

When I first installed it under Nexia, I got some occasional strobing. When I moved to Hubitat, that went away. It has recently started up again, and it is now impossible to use the light without strobing. Just to see if it could be related to the bulbs, I put some incandescent bulbs in- with no change to the constant strobing.

Any ideas? Thanks very much!

You can try the Aeotec bypass installed at the light. Others have had success with it to reduce strobing and dim flow.

Does the strobing happen at all levels or do you notice it more at certain levels?

Weird that the behavior changed with a hub change (should have no effect). I’ve seen crazier things though!

I’m no electrician, unfortunately. This is a ceiling fan light, and the fan is mounted pretty close to a low(ish) ceiling. Might have to hack into the ceiling to get it in. :frowning: Not sure how happy the landlord would be with me. :slight_smile:

It happens at pretty much all levels. It didn’t even happen directly at the hub change. When I first went to Hubitat, it solved the strobing problem I’d had with Nexia. Then, it slowly started to happen mainly at higher levels on the dimmer. Now, it’s happening at all levels.

The bypass isn’t very big. Shouldn’t be hard to fit into the fan box. It’d be worth investigating before ordering but the one I used was about the size between half dollar and quarter.

Looks like you’re getting some traction in the Hubitat forums and that was going to be my next suggestion outside of sending a replacement.

I think it was just a coincidence that it fixed itself when originally switching to Hubitat as there’s no way a hub could impact strobing or not.

Here is what I’d recommend in the following order:

  • Remove the switch from Hubitat
  • Hold the config button down for 20 seconds to factory reset the switch
  • Pair to Hubitat
  • Set the AC Power Type to: Non-Neutral
  • Pull the air-gap and push it back in
  • Try to control your lights

If that doesn’t work, then update the firmware using the built in Hubitat Firmware Updater. I can’t access it at work bc I have a C4 where it’s not available, but off the top of my head you go to Apps and then add a Hubitat App and search for Firmware Updater or something like that.

Download the latest files from here: Index of /firmware/LZW31

The latest production version is 1.57 (Index of /firmware/LZW31/1.57). Download the 1.44.bin and 1.57.otz. The .bin file is Target 1 and the .otz is Target 0.

The app is pretty straight forward once you start it – it should walk you through it.

If that doesn’t work, then you can try changing the bulbs. It’s possible either the bulbs or switch has gone bad. Here is a compatibility app you can use: Resources | Compatible Bulb & Fan List (App)

Lastly, we can certainly change the switch out.