Z-Wave Association Tool not available in Smart Apps

I’ve followed the instructions on adding the Z-Wave Association Tool to my Smartthings App, but it doesn’t show up in the Smart Apps menu.

Here’s the “My Smart Apps” screen in the IDE:

The instructions weren’t clear on what to do once you added the two smart apps code via the IDE, but I assumed a save and publish for me were necessary. So how do I get it to show up on my smartthings app?

Hey sorry, I’ll try to make the instructions more clear.

Are you following the instructions here: How-To's | Setup Z-Wave Associations - SmartThings

There’s a video that shows how to access the SmartApp:

Basically, you need to click the “+” sign at the top right and click on, “routines” and then scroll down to the bottom.

Hope that helps?

That was it! I was missing the “+>Add Routine>Discover>Scroll Down”


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Hey one thing I just noticed in your other thread is that your switches are paired with S2. If you’re trying to associate your switch to an Inovelli bulb, then you will likely run into issues.

Just wanted to give you a heads up – let me know if that’s what you’re trying to do and I can help.

I’m just associating with other Inovelli dimmers (3-way and 4-way), so hopefully I won’t have this issue, but thanks for the heads up.