Zigbee 2-1 Switch (On/Off & Dimmer) | Project New Horizon (Blue Series)

Correct! The switch is capable regardless ; unfortunately not all Hubs are created equal.

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Thanks all for the feedback. The instructions/manual don’t mention anything about it I don’t think, at least not anything that stands out. As it isn’t relevant currently, I assume further instructions will be provided closer to when the time comes? I think a selling/marketing point would maybe be “Upgradable to Matter/Thread (when the time comes)”, or “Matter certification to follow” so that it further future-proofs the decision; regardless the method it is doable… one just requires a little more technical knowhow and comfort. Unless its too early to commit.

Figure it may be a decision point that would be good not to have to search through forum posts for the answer :wink:. It is for me at least so I don’t have to feel like I need to rip and replace my investment later or make assumptions.

I am probably making a big deal of nothing, so ignore me; I will take no offense :grinning:. I am happy if it remains at Zigbee 3.0… at least I know that is stable.

@cgolebio I would guess advertising and packaging written statements on thread/matter with this initial MG21 release is at best an “Under Promise. Over Deliver.” scenario. Too many unknowns to heighten expectations, until working and routinely feasible possible upgrade paths are confirmed.


@Vesalius Makes perfect sense. I can have appreciation for that line of thinking – not always true with other companies. I am happy this switch is making it over the finish line.

Hi @Eric_Inovelli

About to pre-order a bunch of these but just to confirm they will work in 240v / 60hz environments?

I see under product info it only says 120v so hoping that’s just an omission :sweat_smile:

We’ll just let him jump over chairs, instead.

It’s not . . . :exploding_head:

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This might already have been documented but due to forum size I am having trouble finding it if so.

Is there a confirmed brand of white screwless face plates that is the same ‘white’ as the new swtiches? There appears to be quite a variation accross brands and I would prefer to find the best match the first time around. Thanks

Great question - I recommend the Lutron Claro faceplates as they’re what we used to color match (plus they just look awesome)!

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Hi Eic, I’m sorry if this has been asked, I searched but didn’t see anything.

How do slave switches work? such as in 3-4 or 5 way circuits, can you simply use 2 (or more) of these or is that the auxiliary switch project in another forum?

or will multi way circuits not be possible at launch?

They work pretty much as the Red series. You’ll need two conductors going from the Inovelli 2-in-1 to the Aux(s). One of those will be connected to the Traveler terminal on the 2-in-1, the other will either be a hot or a netural depending on your wiring configuration.

Their Gloss White?

Yes, same as our Red Series.

@Eric_Inovelli - please confirm, you confirmed earlier in the year that they would work in 240v environments?

Sorry for the short answer, I’m on vacation until Friday, but unfortunately no, we were not able to get 240V in on this switch. It appears I dropped the ball in updating the thread and for that I’m sorry.

There’s a longer answer as to why we couldn’t implement it and I’ll get that for you when I have more time (likely Friday).


That’s a massive disappointment.

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out of curiosity, what application did you have in mind for a North America style wall switch that uses 240V?


You could still use scene control with a 240V relay such as shelly. Expensive answer, but an answer nonetheless.

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Alias_ZA is based in South Africa, which I understand is single or three-phase 240V in residences. So he really needs 240V rated switches.

If a single phase is 240V, shouldn’t 3-phase be 416V?

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