Zigbee Binding, Home Assistant, and multiple triggers question

Trying to educate myself better before doing this and I have a question about binding. I’ve reviewed this guide here for the basic setup How To's | Setup Zigbee Binding - Home Assistant (Zigbee2MQTT).

Here’s the layout. I have a Blue 2-1 switch in my bedroom. I have two Phillips Hue bulbs in the night stands. Currently I trigger the nightstand bulbs to turn on when I press the Blue switch through an HA automation.

I also have a Lutron Pico remote next to the bed that toggles the state of those Hue bulbs on/off through an HA automation… Additionally I have a motion sensor that toggles them on in the evenings.

My question is as follows:

  1. If I bind both bulbs individually to the Blue switch, if the lights turn on from one of the other sources does the Blue switch transition to an “on” state?

  2. If I use the Pico remote to only turn off one of the two bulbs, what state is the Blue switch in? Would hitting up on the switch turn the off light on? Same for hitting down to turn the still lit light off?

As it currently stands my automations for this work great, but obviously it would be ideal to have more robustness in the event that my HA goes down.

Thanks in advance for the info and tips.