Zigbee command to run fan with timer

I’d love to be able to issue a Zigbee command to turn on a Blue Fan switch and have it run with a timer on the switch (as described for the Fan Timer Mode parameter).

Does the firmware support this and I just can’t find documentation? Or would it be possible to add?

Ideally, we’d be able to specify the exact time, but picking from the predefined durations that map to the double, triple, quad presses would be fine, too.

Looking at this I believe you would have to set this up through a scene/automation using multi tap or button control. As you pointed out parameter 12 is for the fan only. I do not remember if this is a memory constraint @EricM_Inovelli may be able to provide better insight.

I did this and got relatively close to what I’m desiring, but with some quirks. It’s also a decently complicated automation that would be greatly simplified by using the functionality that’s already on the switch for timing—I just need a way to invoke it.

That’s really all I need. Just a way to trigger the same function that’s running on the switch, but via a Zigbee command instead of being triggered on-device. I’m sure memory is limited, but I can’t imagine there’d be much additional code to accept a single command and map it to existing functionality. (Of course, I’m just speculating.)

But more to the point, would it be worthwhile to others and easy enough to be worth implementing?

@wbyoung that is a call for @EricM_Inovelli. Unfortunately I do not have the knowledge to make an accurate statement on that. I can install, setup, troubleshoot (to a point), and create automations but coding is not my lane :smirk:

Well thanks for weighing in and requesting a second look!

@wbyoung I use LED mimi-dashboard, this keeps the LED bar displaying notifications the way I want them to display. This is an app in Hubitat. If you are using another hub I would have to dig to see if there is something equivalent.

I’ve got to agree with @Lance_Inovelli in that this seems to be ripe for an automation.

Just my opinion, but it seems to me that there are pushes to bake the kitchen sink into the firmware, where they can be mimicked with simple automations.

But at least in the interim, this should be a simple fix with three quick automations. Admittedly, I don’t know HA automations. While I do have HA running, I don’t use it for much. So maybe automations on HA are extremely complicated, but for me, this is three quick routines:

  • At X time OR IF switch is pressed 2x THEN turn fan on to X, wait X minutes, turn off fan.
  • At X time OR IF switch is pressed 3x THEN turn fan on to X, wait X minutes, turn off fan.
  • At X time OR IF switch is pressed 4x, THEN turn fan on to X, wait X minutes, turn off fan.

That’s about three minutes for me to configure all three. Is this that difficult in HA? I’m curious.

Just my thoughts.

I’m using home assistant. I’ll look at what you’re suggest, though, and see if I can dig into the source code to find another way to handle the LED bar that won’t have the on indication override displaying the notification. If I find anything, I’ll keep it in the other thread.

Not particularly, but I’m also wanting to show the time remaining by flashing a number of LEDs, so it gets a bit more complicated to set up. And then the system can be restarted (and timers don’t live through restart), so there’s another thing to consider (and currently isn’t handled well by my solution).

I believe I can improve on what I have so far, but if a Zigbee command could get the switch to manage some work it’s already programmed to do, it may be possible to write something more refined/bulletproof.

So there’s a decent amount of config in there that appears as though it’s already implemented on the switch. (Honestly, I’m somewhat surprised it’s on the switch at all—I was expecting, as you say, to have it be something that had to be through automations.)

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I like the automations suggestions here. I will make a note to add the feature in a future firmware update. Currently P121 is activated when you physically press the button and it is controlled by how many times you press the button. My suggestion would be to maybe change this parameter to have multiple values and have the switch turn on to the state whether locally or remotely. For example:

0 = disabled
1 = enabled as currently described
2 = 5 minutes
3 = 10 minutes
4 = 15 minutes
5 = 30 minutes

Just a thought that I will put in our system to see if it could be added later.


That would work perfectly for my case. Thanks for the consideration!

@wbyoung I also found this in the HA Discord I am not sure it is what you are looking for but it may aid in your setting up custom notifications. The user has created a blueprint.

Thanks. I already do have something a bit like that configured.