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Hi, curious if the final dimensions are known yet? I see the targets above, if that’s how it worked out that’d be great for me. A FanLinc is the final Insteon module I have left in my house[*] because I hadn’t found a suitable replacement (I did pick up a Sonoff before realizing it had no dimmer), and I would so love to be rid of that system. The FanLinc was too long (~4.5") for my fan canopy, so it’s been sitting open since I installed that years ago.

I do hope that some day Thread/Matter would be an option, still hoping that turns out to be the one system to rule them all. =)

[*] Well, OK, I also have a KeypadLinc 8 as the thing that provides button control for the fan today, but I’ve been leaning towards openHASP as the replacement for that. The fan is almost exclusively controlled by HomeAssistant & voice already, anyway.

I believe it is shorter than 4.5” (not including the pigtails/antenna).

Question…I have a ceiling fan being controlled by an RF remote but there is no physical switch to power on/off the fan itself, just the remote it came with. Would I need the canopy module to control it through HA or do I need the 2 in 1 switch and the canopy module?

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You could just use the canopy module, but you’d need something to trigger on/off and speeds. If you have a switch box near by, then then a 2-1 or fan switch would be great to add to control the canopy. Otherwise you could look for a cheap pico remote or something similar if you wanted physical control of the canopy. If none of those sound viable then you’d just had to control the canopy via HA.

If I was to use the Blue Series Zigbee Smart 2-1 Switch with this module where the paddle controls the light, how is the config/favorites button used to control the fan? What do you do to turn the fan on and off? How do you change the fan speed?

You’d configure that via scenes/automations (depending on the terminology of your controller). As such, the answer is pretty much “however you want”, however, a couple of popular options are:

  1. Each push of the button cycles to the next speed between off–>high–>medium–>low–>off, so essentially simulating the pull chain
  2. multi-tap the button to set the speed. One tap: low, two taps: medium, three taps: high, tap-and-hold: off

Of course, it is left as an exercise for the reader to figure out how to program these options (though I’m sure any number of people would be willing to provide examples) :slight_smile:


Thanks for the quick reply. Would it also be possible to use Zigbee bindings with the config/favorites button for the fan?

@jims Yes.

I’d be curious to know how to do that, and how it would work…would it just be on/off? Or would the button be able to provide speed control somehow?

Personally, I would think you’d just want to stick with automations for that even if binding does work somehow, so you could control what various press combinations of the button do, but that’s just me :slight_smile:

Thank you for responding. I’m sorry I’m having memory problems lately, I think I just asked the same question twice on here.

I’m happy to hear this sounds like it’ll be fairly simple. I don’t understand what Project Zephyr is. Is it a product? A programming protocol? Is it sort of like a GitHub project?
I followed the link, but it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me yet. I tried searching “project zephyr” and it was just some merch.

Project Zephyr is the code name for the fan switch: Smart Fan Switch (3-Speed Ceiling & On/Off Exhaust) – Inovelli

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First post here. I have one of the original fan and light switches in my living room. Bought it as a test and by the time I was happy with it, the chance to buy more was gone.

I understand there are going to be differences in how the new version of this works. Basically if I am reading it right everything will be handled in the canopy and via Z-wave association will be controlled from another switch.

My question is this, so far everything I have seen suggests the switch will just look like a regular red or blue series switch. If this is true this is disappointing because I really like the look and function of the original fan and light switch.

Please make a wall switch that looks like and functions like the original. I would love to install these through out the house. In my case each bedroom(x3) and kitchen, but all of these only have a single gang box and in some cases because of framing it would be physically impossible to install a double gang box. This was the only thing on the market that could work in a single box beside the dimmer and relay from zooz which is only on/off. Not to mention they don’t match the living room. I actually have one of the zooz double switches in the kitchen right now, and I basically never use that fan because it requires manually pulling the string to change the speed. They are great for bathroom exhaust fans tho!

You’re looking for project walt: Zigbee Button Controller + Dimmer Switch | Project Walt

It’s not out yet, but it will be configurable enough to fairly closely match the configuration/behavior of the original switch.

But it doesn’t look the same. From the mock ups there doesn’t appear to be one with side LEDs that go the length of the two buttons with a rocker on the side for dimming and speed control for the corresponding switch. This switch is just a very fancy scene controller. I like the dedicated look and feel of the light and fan switch and it does not feel like it will quite match the rest of the red and blue series line up that has the full length led. The rockers, push button, and led bars mean you have direct control over on/off, dimming/speed and an led indication of dim level and fan speed.

Also this is zigbee. I use z-wave almost exclusively for lighting control except for hue bulbs in my lamps. Yes I know that is technically zigbee but unless this works with hue…

None of these really match what we had. I’d have to pass on them altogether. And hope another option comes along before the living room switch dies. Sorry

Let me put it another way, as a scene controller sure, these are much nicer than the two zooz scene controllers I have, but if I had wanted that for fan and light control I could have just installed some other brand canopy controller and used the scene controller to control the fan via home assistant. And save some serious coin in the process.

Take a look at this design that is being worked on: Zigbee Button Controller + Dimmer Switch | Project Walt - #60 by Eric_Inovelli

That’s about as close as it looks possible to visually match the older Z-Wave fan/light switch combo.

These will bind directly to the canopy module which will allow them to function normally without depending on the hub for communication / translation leading to improved resilience and reduced latency.

There is a Z-Wave version in the works as well: Z-Wave 800 Series Button Controller + Dimmer Switch | Project Walt

Like what? Serious question, not rhetorical/snarky. I’ve been using the insteon Fan Link/button link system, but been wanting to switch to z-wave for years. So far I haven’t found any options to do so - this upcoming combination of canopy controller/button switch from inovelli is the first thing I have found (though apparently I managed to miss their old version…). If there are other options, I’d love to hear about them! :slight_smile:

There are no other z-wave options except the original fan and switch. And what they are working on isn’t going to change that in my opinion. If this new scene controller/switch works via association then in theory any scene switch could work with their module right?

I could accomplish right now, admittedly without z-wave association and it’s advantages, the same thing with a sonoff ifan04 canopy module, a zooz scene controller, and since the sonoff doesn’t do dimming, just on/off for the light, whatever smart bulbs I desire for dimming and tie it all together with home assistant. This would be a combination of wifi, z-wave, and whatever protocol the bulbs use. Find some z wave bulbs and even those could be done via association.

I want to be clear I’m not knocking inovelli, I love the original fan and light switch. It’s fit and finish for purpose is the best I have found. But what they are working on to replace it, from what I have read and seen, is not to the same caliber as the original. With the higher price their products demand it needs to set it’s self apart from anything else on the market. Those renderings of their configurable scene controller are not that, unfortunately.

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Project Update: It’s an Inovelli first… we are one month ahead of schedule with a production date set for January 18th, 2024 (target was mid-February)!

In addition, we’ve added some really cool features that were not promised in the original scope thanks to the beta testers.

Breeze Mode: Some of you may remember that we put Breeze Mode on our earlier version (alternates between low/med/high to simulate a breeze). Well, we took it a step further and now you can build your own breeze mode by putting in the levels and time associated with the levels.

Wind Down Mode: Gives you the ability to, “wind down” your fan. For example, if your fan is on high, you can set it to go to medium, then low, then off.

Dual Bindings: We’re also finishing up testing on a firmware update to the 2-1 Switch that allows you to bind both the paddle and config/favorites button so that you can bind the paddle to the light and the config/favorites to the fan. There are two options you can choose from for fan control: cycling and multi-tap. Cycling will make it so that every time you touch the config button, it will cycle through the speeds (ie: tap once = low, tap again = medium, tap again = high, tap again = off) whereas multi-tap allows you to tap 1x to turn it to low, tap 2x = medium, 3x = high, hold = off).

Looking forward to emailing everyone once these are officially in production!