1 of 2 Notifications Work (LZW31–SN)

I’ve created 2 different notifications (1 for my garage door, and the other for the basement windows). When the garage door opens, the LED Notification Strip chases red @100% indefinitely (or until the door is closed). When a basement window opens, the LED Notification Strip chases green @100% indefinitely (or until the window is closed).

The garage door notification works just as it should – I open the door and the LED strip chases red until I close the door, then it’s back to its solid pink. The basement windows, however don’t work as they should. I have always had the basement windows setup so that if a window is opened, all the lights in the house come on and I get a text on my phone. Installed this switch (LZW31–SN), and if I have “Chimes and Notifications” enabled, I get notified through my Sonos speakers that a window is opened. Just no notification on the LED Notification Strip.

I have Notification 2 setup exactly the same as notification 1 (green instead of red), and the SmartApp is setup the same, just specifying Notification 2 instead of 1.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

You’re going to have to describe how you are turning it on to troubleshoot why it’s not working. Also, what platform are you using.

Can you turn the notification on manually via your app? Does it work there?

SmartThings hub with nothing fancy. A couple of months ago, did try WebCore for something totally unrelated to this. Couldn’t get that to work (too much of a hassle), so I abandoned it.

I can turn on both notifications via the app.

I installed the device handler into the switch, then the child one I saved (not published, according to the instructions) when I setup the garage door opener notification. I’m wondering if I need to do that part again for each notification. Since there are 3 windows that I want to trigger notification 2, I wonder if I might need to do that or each window.

The contacts are SmartThings door/window sensors.

So since you are using ST, the first thing I would test would be to see if the notification is working if you manually turn it on. I’m using the Classic app, so this may be a bit different if you are using the newer Connect app.

Go to the page for your switch and you should see a button that allows you to manually turn the notification on and off. Try to turn it on there and see if it’s displaying on the switch. If that is working, then we’ll figure out why your notification isn’t.

Yes, I can turn on both notifications via the app.

Ok, so you want the notification if any one of the windows opens, right? Can you post a screenshot of how you have it set up in the app?

Three pictures here: One is the configuration of the switch. The other 2 are the configuration of the SmartApps for each notification. Notification 1 is the one that works, notification 2 does not.

You are correct about when any of the the windows open.

Try it with just one window by removing the others from the notification. I have a feeling that if you do it through the app ST is trying to aggregate them. Did you try opening all the windows at the same time? Does it work then?

Interesting – you seem to be right. I removed 2 of the sensors from the SmartApp, and it worked fine. I guess I’ll have to do each window separately. Hopefully, I’ll be able to have them all trigger the same notification.

Thank you so much for your help!


Glad you got it figured out. If for some reason one at a time for the same notification doesn’t work, there is a work around by aggregating the windows into a virtual switch. No need to go there unless the easy way doesn’t work. Post back if it doesn’t!

It does work, with a couple of unexpected thing going on.

I set up an automation some time ago so that if a basement window gets opened, all of the lights in the house come on. I would think that upon the opening of a window, the LED notification would come on as well (not immediately, of course, but within a few seconds). The LED notification strip doesn’t notify until those room lights come on as part of the “All Lights On” automation. Half of the lights in the house now take a lot longer to come on (more than a minute) than they used to. I still get a text within a couple of seconds, though.

I was also surprised that the LED notification strip went back to normal when I turn the room lights off via Alexa.

It seems that it notifies me if a window is open ONLY if the lights are on. Or, does it notify me that the lights are on ONLY if a window is open. My next step is to remove that switch from the “All Lights On” automation and see how it goes.

I can’t explain the lag, but the LED notification resetting is normal behavior, at least for now. There is beta firmware that addresses that issue, I think.

Was it that one Eric released a few weeks ago?

Yeah, I was thinking it might be that one. I’ll have to update my switch within the next few days.

Thank you for your help, Bry. I really appreciate it.

Have a GREAT day! Stay healthy

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I have a similar issue my notification that the garage door is open notification 1 and one for the home system is armed notification 2. Notification 1 is good 2 turns off after a short item can be seconds or minutes has not been fully repeatable. I then changed it to look a a virtual switch and that is doing the same thing. I hear there is a firmware update beta that correct some of the issues (Running 1.35) on the current Red switches. I also just bought 4 more reds to install.