Firmware v1.41 (Beta) | LZW31-SN | Dimmer - Red Series (Gen 2)

We are releasing a beta firmware for LZW31-SN users that would like to take care of some of the bugs that they may have experienced. There are a few enhancements as well. Most notably the device notifications do not stop when you adjust the level or perform other functions on the dimmer.

This firmware should be stable, but if there are any issues, please let us know. I recommend updating one switch and testing it out for a week or two before updating your whole collection. By that time we will probably have the final version anyway so you may want to update with that version.

There are instructions included in the link. For Hubitat users there may be a way to update from the hub coming soon.

Update: Firmware 1.41 has been replaced with 1.43 that has more bug fixes and enhancements. Info can be found here:


Silabs says I have to download one of two SDK’s first.

Which do I need to do the update?


Hmmm??? Does this mean what I think it means? :thinking:


The silicon labs website is pretty horrible to navigate, I was able to finally download it using this link

Hope that helps JR

There is a community written Z-Wave update tool in the works. The author has beta tested with early Inovelli firmware.

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Thanks for the info.

I’m still not sure if I should download the “Controller SDK” or the “Embedded SDK” as a precursor to the " Z-Wave PC Controller"

Or perhaps just wait a little for a more straight forward option.

I’m not sure what the SDK part is about, I saw the same error you did. I just downloaded the Z-Wave PC Controller. Hardest part was installing the drivers for the HUSBZB-1 usb zwave stick I have, that took MUCH longer than it should have.

I just finished flashing firmware to a single switch. Persistent notifications are working and it’s GREAT! I will say that updating firmware on my remaining 22 switches is going to be a painfully slow process using this method. I’ve followed along with the Hubitat firmware tool being developed and it sounds like it’s very close and that will be amazing.

Props to Inovelli for updating the firmware for their switches. I’m happy to answer any questions I can if any other users need some help with this process, I may border on expert by the time I’m done updating all of them.

If you click the link for the Z-Wave SDK, it will make you agree to the terms of use and attempt to download the SDK. Once that is done (you can also cancel the SDK download), it will allow you to download the PC Controller software

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@EricM_Inovelli could you provide some clarification on what the following enhancements mean?

  • Changing minimum level to 10% to accommodate likely use of LED bulbs.
  • Adjust maximum brightness to 85% to prevent the dimmer from shutting off.

Does this mean I cannot set the dimmer to full brightness, and if not, could this cause issues when using smart bulbs + disabled relay (since smart bulbs are not typically designed to be dimmed)?

The first item is just changing the minimum level default from 1 to 10. Most people are using LED bulbs which usually don’t turn on at lower levels. The result is the user turns the switch on and it takes a long time to ramp up from 0 to whatever percentage it turns on at (my experience is usually even after 10%). So this is to help with those customers that don’t set the minimum level themselves so it doesn’t seem to take so long to turn on.

The second item actually shouldn’t be there. It was from an earlier beta where the manufacturer tried to come up with a quick fix, but it was reverted. I just forgot to take it out of the notes. The dimmer should output the full voltage at 100%.

Probably against the rules posting this and you probably already know about this, but… Why not do something like this instead? Fibaro Dimmer 2

Dimmer 2 is equipped with an algorithm of smart light source detection. Depending on the connected type of light source, it automatically adjusts an optimal control mode (leading edge for inductive loads, trailing edge for capacitive or resistive loads). The procedure of learning the light source type is called calibration .

During the calibration procedure, radio connection is disabled and the Dimmer 2 does not respond to any commands. It may cause temporary problems with communication in the Z-Wave network. After completing the calibration, communication with the module will be restored.

Calibration automatically adjusts maximum and minimum light levels (parameter 1 and 2). However, the installer is obliged to verify the proper operation of the device, according to control modes description. There is a 10% probability that calibration settings will require a manual correction. In a 2-wire connection for loads other than resistive parameter 1 settings must be adjusted manually.
Calibration procedure is performed always after removing the device from the Z-Wave network. If the device is not included, after each power on/off calibration will occur. For the included device, calibration is performed in accordance with the parameter 35 settings.

Some types of LED and CF lamps are designed to operate in leading edge mode (with conventional dimmers). Information about proper operation mode of the bulb should be included in its manual. In this case you have to manually force the desired operating mode using parameter 30.

After changing the load launch the calibration or remove and add the device. Before changing the operating mode or performing the calibration procedure the light must be turned off. Verify the operating mode, according to product documentation.

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This might be possible in the next series of new switches but for now there isn’t enough storage in the MCU to add anything new for now.

For those having problems getting the PC Controller program here is a link to it.


im excited to see this. I saw that you had a new firmware that would keep the notifications persistant which is going to be awesome! Thanks! ill try to get this implemented in my social distancing forced free time :slight_smile:


When the new stable firmware is released, will any purchase of the dimmer switch made on be with the new FW already installed? From other posts I read on this great community forum, in order for me to upgrade my current red series dimmer, I will require a Z-Wave USB stick with a computer. I am using SmartThings.



Hey @Grosbiz - great question! No, unfortunately the stock at still has the old firmware on it. But any new switches produced will have the updated firmware :slight_smile:

This is correct… for now… wink, wink. That’s all I can say lol.


@Eric_Inovelli - Add me to that wink wink device if beta testers are needed. Otherwise I’m waiting until Hubitat allows OTA. Too much work to (exclude, include)^2 so many switches.

Any timeline for Smartthings to have the OTA firmware update capabilities?


I’m afraid it’s not our device otherwise I would lol!

I wish I knew the answer to this, but this was what my wink, wink was referencing :slight_smile:

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