3 way help.. yes, i know

First post. I have a few other brand smart switches and had been waiting to try out the inovelli. Being born in Michigan I was really intrigued. Finally pulled the trigger on a lzw30.

Setup is in my hallway, and is 2 switches controlling 2 lights. Both lights turn on together and the switches act as a 3 way configuration (or is it considered 4 way since there are 2 lights?).

I put the inovelli where the source comes in and rewired the other dumb switch to match the included instructions. In doing so, this is what I have:

  1. Dumb switch down, toggling inovelli works as it should, press down turns the lights off, press up turns the lights on, led on when lights on, off when lights off.
  2. Dumb switch up, toggling inovelli doesn’t seem correct. If the lights are on, led is off. Press down does not turn lights off. I can press up which turns on the led, then if I press down it will then turn the lights off. If the lights are off, press up only turns on the led, i can then press down which turns the lights and the led off.

I can only include 1 image per post…

  1. Inovelli. 2 romex
  1. Closer look at inovelli
  1. Dumb switch

Can you get me a side view of the dumb switch? Specifically where the black screw is.

Good news is I use those exact same dumb switches in my setup :slight_smile:

Essentially, it “works.” Lights will turn on and off, just not how they used to and not how i expect them to do so. Also, i am using smartthings (classic) and the reporting there of the on and off state isn’t always correct.

If i treat the switches as 2 separate entities and only switch from 1, it’s fine. It’s if i switch one then go to the other that things are not correct. At this point, i have left the inovelli alone but have rewired the dumb switch so many times i have lost track. Each time produces different results obviously but the attached images are where I am now.

Of course

Interesting… it appears everything is wired correctly. Do you know what kind of bulbs you have by chance?

It seems this is a similar issue to what @harjms and a few others have and I’ve been trying to replicate the issue on my end, but can’t seem to do it.

I am going to spend more time this week on this issue to try to figure out how to best replicate it.

They are philips led. 2 fixtures, 1 bulb per fixture.

I have read that thread (and all the other 3 way ones at this point lol) but i sort of glossed over it as they were using the sn switches.

Awesome, thanks for sharing – yeah, there’s so many lol – I need to really organize them and figure out which ones are actual problems and which ones were wiring/firmware fixes.

But, I believe this one falls under that one I linked to for sure and I’m going to start a common thread so that we can try to figure out any common denominators so I can try to replicate it. I’m also having the manufacturer monitor the thread as well so they can get their engineers involved.

Also, random question – where in MI were you born?

Edit: Forgot to respond to this part:

Good news is the Black and Red Series share the same hardware (aside from the energy monitoring feature in the Red) so this should be a common issue between both series.

Another reason i was happy to try these, the great service.

Born in Royal oak, Michigan. Moved to Florida after college… couldn’t deal with the cold anymore.

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Thanks :slight_smile: – happy to help!

Nice, I grew up in Sterling Heights and then moved to NJ for 8yrs and then moved back to go to HS in Shelby Twp, so very familiar with Royal Oak!

Went to college at Western and have been in Kalamazoo ever since. But, every winter, I do wish I could move to Florida!

FYI, I created a post here that we can collect data on to try to figure this out:

Would you mind going there when you have a minute to fill out the questions? You pretty much answered most of them already.

You got it, thanks again.