Availability estimates?

I’m planning on buying 50-60 red series dimmers and some on off switches for a whole house remodel. These are currently out of stock. Is there any estimate on when these will be back in stock again (or ever) or should I simply look for alternatives?

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Both of those are 500-series chips, as covered in this post:

(Out of Stock Item Thread w/ETA's - #525 by Eric_Inovelli)

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Do they have to be Zwave? The Blue Series Zigbee will likely be available more quickly.

Wait they already sold out of the last massive shipment?

If so, holy crap these are crazy popular.


That’s what happens when you win product of the year


Yes they are unfortunately all gone now :frowning:

We do hold a small reserve back for replacements but I’m not sure that will even last us since we have no ETA on new stock right now.

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Ack! I waited just a little too long to begin phase two of smartifying my light switches.