Blue Series 2-1 Firmware Changelog | VZM31-SN

Suggest also opening a ticket. You can email [email protected]… Putting some pressure on wouldn’t hurt most likely.

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@EricM_Inovelli Can a configuration parameter be exposed to allow the switch to operate as an end device rather than a router or set to default to an end device for devices with bad IEEE addresses. That would allow those of us with defective switches to keep using them without damaging the mesh.

Probably best to default to an end device for those with bad IEEE addresses so the user doesn’t have to do anything.


Ok I must be missing something. I have a ble switch I am trying to update the firmware on as it shows its on 2.00, my drives is 2022-11-05.

I thought all I had to do was click on update firmware on the device details page in Hubitat.

Nothing ever happens.

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Take a look in the logs. Open a second tab with the logs so you can switch back and forth to see what is logged after you double-click the button.

Double click the button.


@sdbigio Blue Series 2-1 SmartThings Edge Changelog | VZM31-SN - Switches / General Discussion - Inovelli Community

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Fantastic. Thank you!

LOL. Guess i thought it was faster. It is now updated now that i relook at it.

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In a future firmware update, is it possible to get a countdown timer on the led bar based on a lights auto timeout feature? I have a few switches were I utilize that and would love to be able to see roughly how much time is remaining before it shuts off.


@EricM_Inovelli any thoughts on this? I think it’s a doable solution but if it’s not at least it was considered.

It would stop the flood of “my blue destroyed my mesh” and likely prevent a significant number of blues from ending up in landfills.

That is a cool idea. Are you thinking of a “blinking level” gauge like what is shown during a firmware update or do you have something else in mind?

@Dan001 I’ve checked with the engineer and unfortunately, they have said it is not allowed on the protocol stack and that the device cannot be an end device. I’ll try to get some additional clarification, but so far it isn’t looking good.


I would imagine similar, but counting down (full bar on, then percentage of LEDs turned off as it counts down), top to bottom. One thing I would request is to ensure that if the top button is pressed during the countdown, the timer resets and LED bar resets.

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Harjms said it well. Blinking would be ok, but I’d prefer for it to be solid and countdown almost like an hourglass. The switch I’d like to use it on is setup as an on/off, so the LED is always fully illuminated.


Here is my vote:

We have 7 LED’s

Set parameter to timer, then turn on

After 1/7 of the time, the topmost LED goes dark/off.
After 2/7 of the time, the next topmost LED goes dark/off.
At 6/7 of the time, the last LED starts blinking once every second indicating the timer is nearing completion (this is how my dumb timer works in the bathroom).

After 7/7 of the time, switch goes off.


Nice, I like that. I’ll see if we can get it implemented.


You can’t just pull an aqara/tuya and violate the protocol for this it’s only for the devices that are affected? Sengled has their mains powered bulbs act as end devices when in reality they should be repeaters for example.

Is Sengled the best example for following zigbee protocol?

What if that topmost LED flashes at a determined pace to differentiate it from the led bar just looking like it’s dimmed down?


That was the point… it’s not impossible it’s already being done?

This wouldn’t actually destroy anything to force a mains powered devices to be an end device (unless it would damage something? It would be isolated to specific devices (those with bad IEEE addresses).

If it would somehow damage communication between the switch and coordinator or the mesh then that’s a reason not to do this of course. But if it’s already being done is that really a possibility?

Without this meshes are degraded if devices don’t have the latest stacks which route through only those with good connections vs the nearest repeater. Devices with the latest stacks wouldn’t even bother using the switches to route traffic because their connections are horrible at best. Most devices don’t get updates so there’s a lot of devices out there that would definitely use the switches to route traffic.

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The question stems to is Sengled following zigbee specifications? Just because they are doing it doesn’t mean it conforms to the specifications of Zigbee Connectivity Standards.