Blue Series 2-1 Firmware Changelog | VZM31-SN

Yes, bad wording on my part. Configure All then Refresh.

My switches also don’t show up in my zigbee routing table, so who knows at this point. They work with my NodeRed logic, which is all I need.

FYI, it looks like firmware 2.08 is available on the Hubitat platform. If you have the latest driver then double click on the “Update Firmware” button and watch the logs to see what is going on.

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2.08 update was smooth & easy on Hubitat, and all is working great thus far – thank you, @EricM_Inovelli

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Where you be a good place to post requests/suggestions for future firmware?
This thread appears to be more about changelog, and installation issues.

How about here…


jealous, waiting for HA 11.3 release so i can get the update :face_holding_back_tears:


Awesome. Thank you.

2022.11.3 should be released soon.


2022.11.3 was just merged.


And showing up for me in the UI. Here we go!


Installed 2022.11.3 and Z2M still says 2.07 is the latest firmware version for all 4 of my switches. Restarted Z2M and still seeing the same thing. Am I missing something?

The firmware json file has 2.07 as the latest. The file lives outside Z2M so once @EricM_Inovelli updates it to include 2.08 you should be able to update.

I just made 2.08 available to z2m and ZHA users.


All 4 switches have updated to 2.08 and binding now works again! Woot! You guys rock! Thank again for everything you guys do.


Hey @EricM_Inovelli , just updated to 2.08 on my switches and group bindings still are not working. I’ve gone through and wiped all the groups/etc but nothing seems to fix them. Any thoughts? Using z2m and switches report v2.08

I was having issues where the group binding wasn’t working as intended, like one bulb didn’t change state. I ended up removing the switch from z2m and re - adding it and re binding it fixed the issue. So mabye thta will work for you as well.

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Nope :frowning: gave it a go but didn’t fix it. thanks for the suggestion

Can you verify these settings?:

The group (if it includes the vzm31-sn) should have ep1 in it. The binding should be from ep2 of the vzm31-sn to the group.


Ahhh there it is. I was binding ep1 (of the switch) to the group. Could’ve sworn this is what i did pre v2.0.5 and it worked fine. I must have missed those details somewhere…sorry about that.

thank you!

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I have 2 of these dimmers in Z2M and noticed 2.08 was available (both had 2.05) so I let them start an OTA update and went to bed.

When I checked in the morning, only one had updated to 2.08. They both now report no new firmware is available but one is still 2.05. Did 2.08 get pulled or something?