Blue Series 2-1 Won't Enter Pairing Mode

Hello! I just got my Blue Series switches, and I was able to install 4 that weren’t in the recall. However, one of them refuses to enter pairing mode.

I hold the up paddle and then the config button, then wait for the LED to go green, then yellow, then red, then release the config and then paddle, the LED flashes red, but then goes solid blue. I’ve had no issue pairing the other 3 working switches with this method. Any suggestions?

If it matters, the neutral wire on this switch is jumped from another (working) Blue Series in the same 2-gang box. They’re both individually controlling their own single-pole lights.

Try config button then up paddle. Wait for red LED then release config button followed by the up paddle.

The switch should restart and begin pairing after a few seconds.

After it flashes red, you should get a solid blue as you mentioned, but only for a few seconds. It should then switch to pulsing blue.

Which hub are you pairing with?

I’m using Home Assistant, but it won’t even go into pairing mode and is not discoverable. My 3 other working switches paired with no issue. Here’s a video of what happens when I manually reset the switch, there’s no change to the LED afterwards.

I thought it was solid blue because I had the power off, but now I can see it’s a very dim blue:

I see what you mean regarding the intensity. Can’t even see it pulsing on the video. It may be defective.

Try pulling out the air gap to see if that triggers pairing. That’s what I had to do to get one of mine to pair, after it didn’t automatically start pairing and after the paddle presses didn’t work either.

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That solved it! After pulling/resetting the air gap it immediately went into pairing mode and was discovered by Home Assistant. Thank you!