Blue Series Zigbee2MQTT Double Tap missing

I installed a couple of the Blue Series switches this weekend and I am blown away by all the features packed into these! I have more on order, and a couple of the presence sensing ones on preorder. So far my only problem has been when I got into Home Assistant to setup some multi-tap automations, the double tap options are missing. Both are currently setup as single pole dimmer switches. They both have the default 500ms delay for button presses. One has “Down Single” and “Up Single” as options in the automation tab, and the other has both of those plus “Down Held” and “Down Released”.

I’m using Zigbee2MQTT, and I’m sure there is just a parameter I am missing, but in my searches of the really well laid out online manual, and the community I haven’t found a solution. Any thoughts or ideas to try? I’d like to setup some double tap scenes in Home Assistant for movie mode.

IIRC you should be able to trigger on the action. I haven’t test this myself yet. I can try tonight.

Interesting! My only options are On, Off, Unavailable, and Unknown.

You can type anything in that field.

facepalm I see that now. I’ll give it a try this evening! Thank you.

You can also try my blueprint detailed here: [zigbee2mqtt] Blue Series 2-1 missing action sensor in Home-Assistant - #15 by rohan

It makes it much easier to manage scenes on the blue switches and doesn’t depend on device actions.


Thank you Rohan! I’ll get that imported as well.
@stu1811 that absolutely worked. Thanks you both for the help!