Blue switch hardware issues

Love the switches so far. I have two potentially hardware issues I wanted to ask about.

One is a switch that keeps cycling through its setup colors, with the relay clicking on and off. When it’s set to on it’s happy. When it’s off, it goes into a loop. Using this one with smart bulbs & smart bulb mode so it doesn’t really matter that much, but wanted to check if such behavior means potential early failure.

The second is a switch that gets “stuck” when clicking up. The bottom of the switch seems to catch on the plastic housing. Not sure how else to describe it.


For the first switch, are you saying when the bulbs are turned off that’s when it happens? If so, the switch likely doesn’t get enough power and I believe a bypass is recommended in that setup which should prevent it from restarting like you’re seeing.

For the second, is the air gap getting stuck under the bottom of the paddle? (small piece on the bottom left that if you pull out it cuts power), if so, should just be able to push it down some and it should stay out of the way.

are you saying when the bulbs are turned off that’s when it happens

when the switch is off (relay is off), it does this. when it’s on, it doesn’t. not sure how it could be a power issue as the switch has direct power (neutral is present).

I’ll try your suggestion for the second switch, thanks!

Weird, so you have line/load/neutral all in the same box and you’re experiencing the restarts only when the switch is turned off? Does that happen regardless of your smart bulb mode setting or only when SBM is turned off as well?

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How confident are you that you have wired the switch properly? Did you test the conductors to ensure you properly identified the Line and the Load? I’m asking as there have been others here that have experienced switch reboots when the switch is turned off, and the cause was determined to be that the Line and Load were reversed. Here is one thread:

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Check if ground wire is protruding out too far through the device and contacting the button assembly.

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I had the button sticking from the ground being inserted too far. Like Roger said.