Can't pair Blue Switch with Home Assistant ZHA

I got a Blue Series switch last year right before I moved. Just now finally got my Home Assistant box back up and running, and I haven’t been able to pair the switch. I can easily get it into pairing mode, but ZHA in Home Assistant just doesn’t detect anything. My controller is my old Vera Edge, stripped of its normal software and being used by Home Assistant via ser2net. It detects it as a Silicon Labs EZSP. I also have been unable to pair 2 new Sengled LED strips, but have been able to pair the remotes that came with them. So I’m a bit confused. Any suggestions? Is it possible for a controller to be too old to even pair some new products?

What’s the date on the switch?

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The date code is 2208. So is that August 2022?

Read here:

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Thank you so much!

In searching my email for my order number for that survey, I came across an email that was sent out about bad switches being replaced by the manufacturer. Mine has one of the affected EUI prefixes. So I filled out the replacement form and will hopefully be getting that taken care of. Thanks again!