Double/triple switch/dimmer

Installing multiple switches in 2- and 3-gang boxes takes up a lot of room, and sometimes makes for a very tight fit. Has any thought been given to making a dual switch that takes up 2 spots, or a triple switch that takes up all three? I know that would possibly be cost-prohibitive, but if you could get away with less hardware inside, you could make the enclosures smaller.

Another possibility would be replacement metal panels that you could attach 2 or 3 switches to, keeping them aligned when mounting in the box and positioned properly for faceplates.


Dual switches have been request before but I don’t think I’ve seen a triple. Personally I have a few dual switches I’ve love to replace.

SO you want a dual switch that takes up 2 gang slots? (So basically 2 single switches but as on unit in a 2 gang slot?) I highly doubt that would ever happen. It would be a very special case situation and would not be cost effective in tooling and bringing to market.

However I know they are making a Dual single gang switch, like the fan/light combo, but just for lights that is hardwired. Should be out in 2022 some time. That should take care of the 2/3 gang issue you might be having and just fill the extra spot in with a blank. this would leave you more room.

Other thought is replace you gang box with an extra deep box. that would allow for more room.

I have several 2 and 3 gang boxes with regular depth and have been able to get 3 inovell switches in them yes its a tight fit, but as long as everything is secured and no wire exposed, I could just push them in and mush everything to the back.

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Yes, a double switch filling 2 slots or a triple switch filling 3 slots. All the 3-slot outlets have been a pain to wire. I was afraid I would break the (plastic) box or pull a wire from the switch as I was forcing them in.

Having a black metal plate that could hold 2 or 3 switches might help as well. I could take the single switches I have and remount them onto the metal plate the would make aligning them easier.