Firmware bug: defaultLevelRemote does not work

Using latest z2m as an external_converter (so very latest from GitHub) and 2.08. When I configure defaultLevelRemote to 254 I understand that it means when I turn on the switch remotely that the switch will go to brightness 254. What happens is that the switch turns on at the previous brightness level.

All tests were done using z2m (not Home Assistant).

Test sequence in z2m:

  1. Turn on switch remotely.
  2. Set brightness to 25.
  3. Turn off remotely.
  4. Turn on remotely. I expect switch to go to 254. It goes to 25 brightness.

defaultLevelLocal works as intended and goes to full brightness when pressing the top paddle.

@EricM_Inovelli Checking that this was seen and if you need help reproducing.


I am seeing the same thing in Hubitat with firmware version 2.08 Blue Series.

Definitely looking like a firmware bug