Inconsistent Led Light Bar Colors Across Multiple Switches

Hey guys,

I’ve noticed a problem.

When I have multiple Inovelli switches next to each other, the coloring of the light bar is inconsistent.

It’s hard to show in a picture but REALLY noticeable in person.

On the left is a Blue 2-1 (refurb)
In the middle is a Blue Fan
On the right is a Blue 2-1 (refurb)

I have all the switches set to white / 255 in zigbee2mqtt

But as you can see, “white” on the 2-1 switches is more light blue / greenish blue and the fan switch is very white.

I don’t know if this is a problem with the switches? or the colored “brown” covers? Or the firmware of the switches?

Any ideas?

I’m tempted to make a warranty claim / return on these if I can’t fix it.

It’s making me very nervous about the 150 switches I just ordered.

Given these switches are close to double the cost of other smart smart switches, I don’t think it’s too much to expect this to be consistent.

Inovelli is aware of the issue. I think the first couple runs of Blue switches had a different LED bar, but other than that they should all be the same. See below for a better explanation, but if I’m reading it correctly, the 150 you just ordered should match, but the older refurbs may not. You may be able to place them so there isn’t a conflict.

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@Bry thanks!

@Eric_Inovelli how do I make sure I have ones that will match?

These two that don’t match right now are from the 2-1 refurbs in the site, and I just ordered 120 more + 20 fan switches.

Do I need to send those 2-1 refurbs back and wait on the new line in January?