Inovelli 4-in-1 Sensor - Losing Connectivity and Stops Responding (Powered)

In recent days, I am having trouble with my Inovelli 4-in-1 Sensor that is powered through the USB port. The sensor just stops functioning.

A hard reset, pulling power, resets the sensor but that only lasts for a few minutes before the sensor becomes non-functional again. Using the manual wake up button on the back does not do anything when this device is in this state, the red light does not even turn on.

Any thoughts on how I can troubleshoot this? The sensor is less than 4 months old.

Check out the below link. Might be a newer firmware that addresses this issue.

Well that is a problem, since we cannot update the firmware through SmartThings.

Where this seems to be different is that the device stops reporting period, nothing is reported. And triple pressing does do anything.

The only thing that wakes the device up is pulling power and plugging it back in.

I have a ST hug too. I ended up buying Z-Wave.Me USB stick so I could update firmware. Maybe @EricM_Inovelli has some ideas.