Inovelli Blue - Light changing brightness level itself at low brightness

I have an Inovelli Blue with a date code of 2212, v2.15 firmware, with a neutral wire, being used with four Elco EL415CT5W dimmable LED recessed lights.

I recently tried to update the firmware via Zigbee2MQTT. Strangely, the switch still says it’s on 2.08 even after the update, but isn’t showing available updates any more.
(edit: this is a known issue with Zigbee2MQTT)

A recent issue I’ve noticed that I don’t think was there before is that if the brightness is set very low (~25%), the lights will stay at one brightness for a minute or so, then get a lot dimmer and stay there for a while, then get lighter and stay there for a while, etc. It’s very distracting when I just want a dim light on at night. The switch is set to 25% the whole time. The lights are not flickering at all.

Any ideas? I didn’t even know what to search for to see if anyone else has hit this issue.

The brightness also changes significantly from 20% to 30%, but I suspect that’s just a characteristic of the light itself.

FWIW, I experience a similar issue, posted about here: Blue Series 2-1 Firmware Changelog | VZM31-SN - #513 by kdkavanagh. Havent been able to find a solution