Looking for a full list of all parameters and numbers for the Red Dimmer series

Been looking around but cannot find it …

Thank you.


This also needs to be updated. As of v1.47 it has two more params:

Add parameter 51, to enable instant on (ie: disable the 700ms delay). Note, if you disable the delay, it will also disable scene control except for Button 1 (ie: tap up 1x or tap down 1x) and button 7 (config button). All other buttons (2-6) will be disabled.

Parameter 51
Size: 1 Byte
Default: 1
Range: 0-1
0: No Delay
1: 700ms Delay

Added parameter 52. Use to put the switch into “smart bulb” mode. If it set to 1, the power will output maximum % when the dimmer is on. 0 = normal operation, 1 = smart bulb.

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Thank you.