LZW30-SN no longer reporting energy usage

I have two LZW30-SN switches that have stopped reporting power usage about a week ago. Prior it was working fine. Checking the Smarthings IDE I can see its also reporting:

energy: 0.0 kWh
power: 0 W

All of my LZW31-SN switches are working fine. Any ideas what’s going on?

Settings for reference:

The screenshot of the app shows power being used on 8/3, today. (8/3 is the grey bar.) Is it possible that switch/light wasn’t used from the 27th through 8/2?

Definitely not possible. This is the ceiling fan above our bed and its been hot. Also I’m pretty sure that grey bar is always there for the current time period and isn’t reflective of the actual usage.

You’re probably correct on the gray bar. I have a switch I re-installed today that I was looking at, but I had turned it on as well. That aside, your power meter obviously ought to be showing something with the light on.

Equally strange, it’s occurring on more than one device. You might try the air gap to reboot the two switches to see if that does anything, although the fact it’s happening on two switches makes you think it’s something else.

I have switches both on 1.09 and 1.22 and they all report power via the power meter when on.

I believe both of these are on 1.20. I’ll try the air gap in a bit and report back.

So I only have access to one switch right now (kids asleep in the room with the other one) but the air gap did the trick. Its now reporting the energy usage. Odd that it would just stop working like that. I have been running both of these fans constantly for a couple of weeks due to the weather, I wonder if that was maybe the cause.

Hard to say. Like so many other devices, every once in a while a reboot is needed. What was strange to me is that it happened to two of your switches at or about the same time.

Glad you got it going though. (At least the one so far.)

@EricM_Inovelli – tagging you for visibility.

@JDIacobbo – keep an eye out on this one. We’ve had some people have this problem and we have an open ticket with the manufacturer to figure out the root cause.

Will do. Also I’d be more than happy to provide any diagnostic data if needed or perform any additional troubleshooting. I just bought a z-wave usb stick with the intent to migrate over to Home Assistant so I should be set up to flash any firmware too.


Is there any way you can leave the IDE logs window open for several hours to see if the switch is sending reports? I am curious if it is sending 0.0 consumption reports at this point or if it is not sending anything at all.

Also, did you get a chance to “reboot” it with the air gap?

So I was able to reboot both switches that were having issues and that fixed it for both. I can leave the IDE logs window open but at this point its working so I’m not sure if that would help. I assume you’d want to see the logs for a switch when its showing 0 w usage.

Great that it is working now! If it happens again see if you can capture what is going on in the logs.

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