LZW31-SN: Force-Add as NON SECURE?


Due to the fact I can’t add any of my Fibaro RGBW Controllers as secured to Smartthings, I would like to add the Red Series LZW31-SN dimmer as NON SECURED. The reason is due to I’d like to use the association tool and get these two to talk to each other, but the secure mismatch won’t allow that. Smartthings adds the LZW31-SN as Secured… but I need to somehow stop this.

Is this even possible?

So as an update:

I’ve tried to removed, then re-added the switch from outside in my backyard shed. I was hoping that distance would force the switch to communicate with the hub via one of my other devices via though it as a repeater. That didn’t work as the switch still paired as secured.

I need this pairing because my Fibaro RGBW Controller is not connected though any switch… only by WebCoRE to control it. I’m using the LZW31-SN more as a scene controller… powered, but no load, and sometimes there’s too much delay. Direct association should make it almost instant.


I have the same issue, trying to use direct association between reds series switch and Aeotec Dual Nano Switch. Is someone find a solution to force “non-secure” association (S0 is not working).


@Bry - I believe you just went through this for a switch? Any tips to force non-secure on ST? Move further out or ?

I didn’t have to do it, but from what I understand, the trick with ST is to not use the barcode and select “Scan Nearby” at the top right of the Add Device page. I believe that will pair it S0.

If that doesn’t get it, move the device away from the hub and try it that way again.

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Yep I run into this to associate my ilumin bulbs.

Pair via the “scan” function instead of selecting manufacturer inovelli. This should pair S0.