LZW36 Inclusion Question


This could be a dumb newbie question… After waiting anxiously for it, the timing didn’t work out and I just got my LZW36 Fan/Light module installed this weekend. I googled it and it seems like ZWave Plus is supposed to be able to pair devices over hops (i.e. not within direct link of the hub). I did the hold A&B for 5 seconds and it turns green… not surefire for me, because I also have a Ring Alarm ZWave network… so It could have been pulling signal strength numbers off either. But For the life of me, I can’t get this this to pair.

I tried removing my ring rang extender off the ring network, added it to hubitat with no problem and installed it direction downstairs from the bedroom with the LZW36 (hub and my currently ony other devices are 1st floor 1 room over). Still no game… so I tried just for fun… plugged the range extender in IN THE ROM WITH THE LZW 36… plugged and unpludded it and saw the status in hubitat toggle between AC and Battery power. So now I’m 100% sure the signal is making it up to that room. Direct or hop off the switch - I don’t know (existing Zwave switches are 20 feet closes than the hub, other side of living room). Even with the range extender in the same room the LZW36 will not show up in hubitat… Do I need to bring the hub upstairs to pair it and then back downstairs and repair the network? I everything I read said that was true of the original ZWave standard but not necessary for Plus. All devices on the HE network are plus (HE Hub, 3 Inovelli Red dimmers and now, temorarily, a Ring Gen 1 range extender - marked plus on the bottom). I’m at a total loss.

Also for information’s sake… the LZW36 does seem to go into pairing mode - blue lights pulse for a while, I immediately start the inclusion process ont he hub, but it never finds it and the LZW36 LEDs eventually turn red… <>

Anyone? @EricM_Inovelli … apologies for the shameless tag to get your attention… but I’m stuck. OR anyone else… perhaps I’m just an idiot on some basic Zwave thing here.


ARgggh… scratch all that… turns out I am an idiot (kind of)… and of course… 5 minutes after I finally decide to just ask.

That little note that says "In very rare circumstances you may need to exclude it first if it got left on the factor hub or something… yea… that. Don’t even need the range extender.

Well maybe this internal monologue being posted here helps someone else at some point.

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Lol no worries, it happens to the best of us. I’ve even processed RMA’s for people and they send them back and I realize, “crap, I forgot to tell them to try an exclusion”. Sure enough, once I get them back a quick exclusion fixes the pairing issues. Whoops!

Now onto what matters… Programming her dance party LEDs damnit! Hahaha… Best use of $60 light switch ever.

… Switch is in my 6 year old’s room… Thought it was important to edit and add that… :slight_smile:


It might also be worth adding a step for reboot your hub (safely). That one almost got me a few weeks back. I installed a new dimmer that wouldn’t pair. It kept indicating it was out of range despite having a dimmer within 1" that was in range. :sweat_smile:

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Totally dumb… but the 6 year old enjoys it: