LZW36 Z-wave association with Ilumin Bulbs not working

I am attempting to associate 4 Ilumin color bulbs with my LZW36 fan/light switch.

I have the Local protection level set to Light:

And used the Z-wave association tool to associate the parent device to the four bulbs (group 2). In the parent data I see associateGroup2 having four hex numbers that match the DNI of the four bulbs.

The bulbs say they are in Association Group 1

In other threads, I see that z-wave security can be an issue. My hub is currently set to secure join for locks/garage doors.


In the devices themselves, I don’t see any indication of what level of security they are joined at, but I am not entirely sure what I should be looking for either.

After all this, nothing happens when I push the light button on the LZW36. This is my first attempt at using association, so I am pretty new to the idea. Any ideas how I can get this working? What is the best way to troubleshoot and get this working?


Well, I just got a Z-wave stick, and joined it as a secondary controller. Looking at the switch and the four bulbs, they all have security off … so seems there is something else going on.

Anyone know how to read the topology map from Z Wave PC Controller?

I suspect blue means they can communicate, but I am unsure why it is not symmetrical. For instance column 12 (the switch), is all red, but row 12 is not.

There are 2 components to setting local protection. The Local Protection setting just defines what is protected when local protection is enabled. If you havent already, make sure you enable local protection by holding the light dimmer up button and pressing the light on/off button 8x.

Association Group 2 is tied to the light dim up/down buttons. Pressing the light dim up button 1x will send a basic set command to turn on associated devices. Pressing light dim down will likewise send basic set off command.

Association group 3 is tied to the status of the light itself. It will send a multilevel set command that matches the state the dimmer itself is going to. If the canopy lights are off, it will send the on command, and if they are on, it will send the off command. If you disable the local protection, this association group may not be as useful (since the canopy light is locked to a certain level, it will always send that value to the associated devices). Since zwave does not have a “toggle” command, it is much more difficult to implement a toggle feature using a single button. If your intent is to use the light on/off button to toggle lights, it may be better to use scenes to trigger an automation.

Association group 4 is used for dimming. Holding down the dimmer buttons should change the brightness level of associated devices.

Thank you! So what I was missing was what button to press to trigger group 2. The KB article on setting up association gives no indication that it is a different button than one might expect. It also doesn’t mention group 3. This is probably because it was written for the previous switches where this doesn’t apply. Hopefully someone from Inovelli will update it.

Hmmm, local protection sees to be fully working, even having not done the button presses. With my current setting the toggle button does nothing. The LED status stays at full power, and the dimming buttons don’t seem to impact the lights or the LED dim status. What else would doing the button sequence provide?

Thanks again for the help!

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