Non-neutral Blue 2-1 in dimmer mode can't be fully turned off and isn't as bright

I just tried switching from a dumb dimmer to the Blue 2-1, but no matter how I set the parameters I can’t get it to be able to turn fully off, and it never gets as bright as it did with the dumb dimmer. Are these problems due to my wiring being non-neutral and not having a bypass?

I also tried testing Smart Bulb mode with my dumb bulbs since I figured I could just replace them with smart bulbs and control them from the Blue as an alternative to installing a bypass, but found that this just caused their brightness to keep ramping from dim to bright in a cycle, rather than staying in a steady fully-powered state like I would expect them to be in order to power smart bulbs.

Also for full context, I’m using Zigbee2MQTT with Home Assistant for control and modifying the params, I was previously using ZHA but found that not all the params were being exposed (e.g. “Min Level”) so I switched

Yes to both.

Bulbs staying dimly lit most often occurs with a non-neutral. A bypass may resolve that issue.

By default, brightness is throttled 15% for a non-neutral, to ensure proper power for the switch. You can try setting P25 to “1”. If that causes issues, put it back to “0”.

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It seems to behave in the exact same way regardless of the Non-Neutral Output setting. Also weirdly whenever it gets reset to Switch mode after I pull the air-gap it works perfectly fine, being able to be remotely turned fully off and on at full brightness, but as soon as I switch it to Dimmer mode or back to Switch mode it stops working well again.

The power drop override is new to this series, so there isn’t much, if anything, out there about its viability.

The switching techniques on on/off vs dimmer are different, so the fact that the bulbs turn off in the on/off mode isn’t surprising.

Oh interesting, I didn’t realize the on/off would work entirely different to dimming mode, that’s a shame since it works well like that. I still don’t understand why it only works in on/off mode after resetting it and not if I set it to that mode after having set it to dimmer mode though.