Possible bug for leds on switches?

I have a black series dimmer. Here is what I did in smarthings:

  1. Change the led color to somethibg other than the default blue, using the child device.
  2. Go into the settings of the main switch and change any of the settings, except for color. In my test, I change the first 2 parameters.
  3. Observe no color is specified for the led (as it was a custom from the child device)
  4. Go out of the settings menu and observe the led color reverts back to the default blue and not the specified color of the child device.

Not the biggest deal in the world, but definitely an annoyance that took me a while to figure out. I was wondering why my switch colors all reverted black to blue.

Yep, there are some small things that whack out occasionally. Is there some reason you didn’t just set the LED color on the main device in the app? TBH, I’m not even sure how you can set the LED color on a child device. I just looked at 2 child devices for a dimmer, a notification child and a dlc child, and neither has the option to set a LED color. Even the notification child requires setting the notification color in the settings of the main device. Unless I’m missing something . . .

Bry, you should see an LED child device. This helps set colors based on automations. However, having it jump back to the default color when you are trying to do advanced automations is not ideal.

I guess we’re just setting them differently. I use them in automations (well webCore actually because I don’t do anything in ST I don’t have to). But I still change the color by addressing the parent device in ST to first set the notification, creating the child notification object.

I do know that the child LED device can change the color of the switch led bar, that is a definite yes can do thing.

I did not experience, but also did not explicitly test, changing a different setting and having it revert.

What does the child device show after the other parameters are changed?

I use the child device to set the led on my lzw30-sn. I use webcore.

I’m using a black series, so no notifications. Also, when using a child led device (or even maybe without one), with firmware 1.48 webcore no longer shows the ability to change the color. It needs to be done only through the child device:
image .
The child device also allows me to automate within the smartthings app as well and not be forced to use webcore.

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The device in the app itself doesn’t show any active colors. If I look at the child device in the IDE the hue default is 67. I changed the color to red (using the smartthings app). The hue in the IDE was 95. I then made change to the primary switch device setting (dimming speed). I then went back to the IDE and the hue value in the child was back to 67.

Not sure if this explains exactly what you’re seeing, but as far as I can tell from Inovelli’s DTH, running a command on the child device to set the color does not update the preference in the parent device to match. This means that if you go back into the parent device and “save”/update it again (not exactly sure when SmartThings calls this…perhaps any time you exit the page, but for sure if you hit a Done/Save button anywhere), then these values will be overwritten/re-sent with whatever you put in the preference. Basically, there are two separate ways to ultimately set the color on the device: the parent device preference and, optionally, the child device command, and one won’t necessarily change the other (except they actually do seem to try to update the child device state no matter how you change this setting).

Outside of this, all should work as expected — though the biggest thing I no longer know with ST’s new app (and I’m not sure I ever did with the old either :slight_smile: ) is when it devices to tell the driver that you updated your settings, which again, could be as much as just viewing the page but in most apps, at least, generally requires hitting some button.

Yeah, I figured it was something like that. Its a minor bug. I’m not sure how smartthings is sending the information to the device or not. However, I would assume smartthings is showing that no color is selected. Therefore, the firmware should then leave the color as-is, instead of resetting it back to the default. Nothing major, but if it is fixable for the future, it probably should be. This will enhance the product and the brand as a whole. I can’t be the only one who was playing with the settings and the color in the child device handler :slight_smile:

Just a fwiw, but unfortunately, ST and the device do not communicate settings changes well. A perfect example of this is that you can change a parameter on the switch via the config/paddle, and that parameter change is not communicated to ST (nor does ST poll it, apparently). You can go in the IDE’s device page and the settings changes made at the switch won’t be reflected.

fun fun!