Red and Ilumin lag in Hubitat


I have a red series switch, a red series dimmer and two Ilumin bulbs. When I control scenes via the multi touch functionality on the switches, which control both an overhead light and the Ilumin bulbs, the bulbs usually respond initially, but if I decide to change the scene soon after the initial command, everything starts to lag. I’ve done some testing on this issue and it doesn’t only seem to be a switch or bulb problem. If I try to control any of the Inoveli devices through any other method (the hub, Alexa commands) I get the same lag. Not only that, but once the lag with the Inovelli devices start, the hub seems to bog down and then none of my devices want to respond to any commands for some time. I can send multiple commands in succession to any other switch or light in the house and I don’t have this problem, but if I send two or more commands in any manner to the Inovelli devices, it seems to break my hub. It’s a minor inconvenience to me, I know to give it some time before the next command, but for my wife and anyone else trying to control these lights, it’s confusing and “broken”. They start to try over and over to change the scene and then you have to wait minutes for the hub to catch up to everything and function normally again.

Any suggestion on how to fix this problem?

Hey @BranDot – welcome to the community and thanks for the support!

Likely what’s causing this is the Ilumin bulb – there is a firmware fix that solves this located here:

You can use @bcopeland’s firmware updater for Hubitat:

I bet this will fix all the issues you’re seeing – but let me know if it doesn’t!

As @Eric_Inovelli stated, the firmware update helped. I also am using the driver that @anon14959390 pointed me to for the bulbs. It goes much quicker now!

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I’ve updated the firmware on the bulbs, but it didn’t seem to help much. Is there anything else I need to do?

@harjms which driver are you referring to? I’m running the “Inovelli Bulb Multi-Color LZW42” driver.

@BranDot - I used this one that @anon14959390 refers to:

Its made by @bcopeland. It works great with the new firmware. Watch your firmware names if you don’t swap it out directly.

@anon14959390 @harjms
I’ve switched out the drivers to @bcopeland 's and everything is working more as expected now. Much better!

Thanks for the help guys!