Red Series Dimmer (LZW31) Disable Dimming

This might be a stupid question, but I couldn’t find anything in the manual nor on these forums…

Is there a way to disable the dimmer feature on the Red Series Dimmer and just use it as an On/Off Switch?

I know this seems silly, but I want to use it in the same box as a Red Series On/Off Switch, and I don’t want to mix and match a Dimmer and On/Off for aesthetic reasons, but the On/Off light should be an on/off and not dimmable.

Thanks - Jonesie

Which firmware are you running? Recent ones support param 52. Set it to 1 for on/off.

Edit: firmware >=1.47

The new wiki page has lots of good info. Check out the parameters section.

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Thank you so much! I was reading through the PDF manual and didn’t see this. I have verified that the setting is there.

OMG I requested this feature over a year ago and never heard anything. Purchased 30 switches 10 dimmers and 20 on/off. If I would have e know this was added I would have purchased all dimmers.

Dam. This also makes me wonder, the 2in1 switch comming out how is it any different than the current dimmer if it also can be a 2 in 1 switch.


Yep, it was first implemented with firmware 1.47 in July 2020. It was implemented slightly differently originally, but it was there.

2n1 is zigbee so radio is different and currently being developed. At least the dimmers are available.