Resources | Device Handlers - SmartThings

Installation Instructions

Please follow the instructions below to install your Inovelli SmartThings Device Handler(s).

  1. Open up IDE and go to “My Device Handlers”
  2. Then click on, “Create New Device Handler”
  3. Next click on, “From Code”
  4. Now switch tabs and go to the device handler link in GitHub (shown below)
  5. Select all code and copy it
  6. Go back to the IDE tab (where you’re at the, “For Code” tab) and paste the code into the white box
  7. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click, “Create”
  8. Then on the next page, click, “Save”
  9. Finally, click on, “Publish” and “For Me” and you’re all set

Device Handler Locations

Please see the following locations for each Inovelli Device Handler. Then follow the instructions above!

Master Location:




Plugs (Indoor/Outdoor)