[ZHA] Blue Series double taps only register after single tap / state change

I think I have sufficiently narrowed down an issue I have been experiencing enough to ask here on the forum to see if anyone knows what is going on.

I have a Blue series in a 2-way non-neutral configuration setup to use double tap up or down on the paddle to turn on or off an electrically separate ZigBee switch that controls my ceiling fan motor.

What I have noticed, is that after a period of inactivity, if I try to use the double tap actions on the switch to turn on or off my fan, nothing happens. However, if I first do a single tap up or down to change the state of the light in the room, then follow up with a double tap, it does work.

At this point, I have no idea what’s going on. Any suggestions on what I should try to narrow it down further?


Have you updated the switches firmwares? This was an issue for me when I first got them, but it was resolved with updates. I had to add some stuff too my config file to enable updates in Zha, but I’m sure searching the forum will get you the specifics.

It seems I have been under the impression this whole time that the OTA updates would happen automatically. I was wrong. I searched around and found this guide to enable automatic OTA updates in ZHA and am currently updating one of my switches.

My switches were on firmware version 0x01020200, which I think corresponds to v2.00, which is older than November of last year, so I was pretty far behind in updates. I’ll update this thread after the update is complete and I get a chance to test.

P.S. I also just discovered this thread, which I missed in my prior searching, which seems to describe my issue.

I can at this point, confidently confirm that updating the firmware on the switch resolved the issue.

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