Zigbee 2-1 Switch (On/Off & Dimmer) | Project New Horizon (Blue Series)

That helps. Thank you.


Edit: Sounds like it does come with it, so no need to print.

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Good news, the contractor packs come with instructions, so save that ink @jpoet!

However, the link that @Bry sent will likely be one that should be passed onto the electrician bc not all schematics are in the manual (it would be an encyclopedia if so).

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One more ST question. I’ve set parameter 9 (minimum brightness level) to 8. However, I noticed that when controlling the blue series by Alexa or in smartthings app, it seems the minimum is being ignored. Ie. It will fall below 8% brightness.

Any ideas?

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This might be by design, but let me make sure of a few things.

The default behavior is that when you set a minimum value (let’s say 8), the switch recalibrates itself to make 8 the new 1%. In other words, once you set the minimum value, you still have the option to select 1-100% in dimness (it’s just that now your bulb starts at 8)

Does that make sense?

To test to make sure this is working properly, set your minimum value to like 40 or something high.

Then make sure the light still stays bright when you select 1% in ST. Then try your tests in the Amazon app to see if it still keeps the minimum value of 40 (ie: your bulb remains really bright).


Perfect. TY… Yes, it works

Likewise for Maximum Brightness


Is there a status check based on order number? Are orders filled sequentially?

I guess it’s a little early to worry about something being wrong but hoping I get a shipping confirmation tomorrow. I had two orders combined into one and hoping that didn’t mess up something behind the scenes.

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I checked with the guys today to see what the deal was and how they were fulfilling things and they shipped out theirs first bc they were more familiar with their system and had to get accustomed with ours.

Courtney was a trooper and worked with their team while being essentially on her death bed to get them familiar with our system.

I wish they would’ve waited to do ours first bc it looks bad to have recent orders fulfilled before people who have waited since April, but that’s the downside of outsourcing fulfillment I suppose.

We will be working with them all day tomorrow to get everything out from an Inovelli side.

We don’t have a status check other than you should get an automated email when your order ships.

I can personally check for yours too, no problem :slight_smile:


I guess that confirms that they wouldn’t be boxed together as one shipment of going to same address.

That’s ok though. They could have saved money in shipping :slight_smile:

Hope Courtney is ok.

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Hey all – with people receiving their switches in the next couple days, I wanted to first say thank you all so much for your patience and ultimately for your support to bring this project to life. It really means a lot and we’re excited to hear about everyone’s experience (my nerves are on edge for sure!).

That said, I’m going to close this thread out tomorrow as it has served its purpose (collaboration to create an amazing switch) and open up a couple new threads for everyone to post in.

All Troubleshooting issues should be posted here: General Discussion - Inovelli Community

All ideas, improvements and bugs for the switch can be posted here: Blue Series 2-1 Switch - Enhancements/Bugs Thread

Shipment discussion can be found here: 2-1 Switch Shipping Discussion

Thanks again for everything and onward to the next project!

-Eric, Eric, Courtney & Nate


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