Blue Series 2-1 Switch Bulb Flickering (PAR20)

Looks like I’m getting some flicker below 40% on my recessed lights. Can anyone recommend Par20 bulbs that dim well and don’t flicker? I looked on the recommended list for inovelli but I don’t see any par20 type, e26 base. Or are there any other settings to adjust to compensate for flicker other than the max and min?

What is the brand name of these ones?

That’s the only downside of new products, we don’t have a ton of data yet and I’ll need to start populating these bulbs in the app for the 2-1 switch.

I can purchase some too to test, but am curious on what ones you have currently.

What I’ve found in the past is that GE, Philips and Cree work best. GE Relax/Refresh being my recommendation.

Will be nice if you start a webpage/wiki where we can contribute filling up compatible/incompatible bulbs and dim levels that work the bests

Like this?

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Good news, we have just what you’re looking for!

I need to add the 2-1 to it though.

Basically what you can do is fill out the form on the page letting us know if the bulb is compatible or not (as well as other settings) and it will populate into that app you see at the bottom of the page.


Thanks… I’m using Luminus now, based on experience with my old dimmer. GE refresh/relax seem to be hard to find for Par20 in Canada. Same with Cree.

Luminus PLYC3223 Flood-7W (50W) 500 Lumens 3000K Dimmable Led Light Bulb-6 Pack, Par20, Bright White

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Are you ok w/this one?

I can pick one up if so.

Also, do you have any Home Depot or Lowe’s near you? I can try to find some there.


@sdbigio – I created a new topic so we can troubleshoot outside of the project thread – hope that’s ok.


No prob – does that Philips bulb work for you?

Also, not sure if you saw – but do you have an Home Depot’s or Lowes by you?

Yes, both actually. Thanks. Turns out I had almost that exact same Philips bulb in a box in my basement all along. It didn’t work well with my old dimmer but seems to work very well with the blue series. Some minor flickering which seems to be eliminated when setting minimum dim to 6%.

At this point I would be comfortable recommending these, and they are pretty cheap for any Canadians that might need… For the few that use par20s, which seems to be a small few!



Experiencing the same low level flickering but this time with par16 bulbs. Tried the Philips ones which worked well for par 20, but for par16 I’m seeing the same flickering as the off brand bulbs. Any other brand recomendations? It dosent look like there are any par16 bulbs in the compatibility app. Thanks

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You good if I test these?

Looks like I can pick up some tomorrow:

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That would be great. TY.

Just installed my 3 new blue series that I received a couple days ago. My biggest hurdle is figuring out home assistant (iPhone app). I use that to bridge to HomeKit. Maybe I am missing something in HA, but been having the following problems:

  1. my lights seem to flutter a little.
  2. choppy ramp up and down when dimming.
  3. Lowest dim level is pretty bright.

I played around with the min and max load dimming with no joy.
I am using Feit Electric Dimmable LED BR30 Floods that ran great with a Shelly Dimmer 2 (consistent lighting, smooth dimming, and lower minimum).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Ok tested the PAR16 and even bought the PAR20 version and they work amazing. Great dimming until about the 8% level.

Ty. Will pick these up.

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I’m getting really choppy dimming and transitions on my ge relax bulbs on two separate blue switches. Are there any settings I can tinker with to improve this? That fluttering described above describes my situation pretty well. The dim up sometimes full on flickers for these bulbs.

I saw that these were in the tested database. Was that for the old dimmers? I’ve tested these bulbs with some older WiFi dimmers in the past and they were rock solid on those.

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Wondering if anyone has tried these to help with flickering, dim range and chopiness?