Zigbee Fan Canopy Module | Project Cheryl

Ok, cool, we just added this to the latest fan switch firmware and we’ll launch the 2-1 firmware when the engineer gets back from Chinese New Year – thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

Yes, it will temporarily change color and show you what speed the fan is on and then go back to the normal LED color.

You can also do this with two lighting loads which is kinda cool (so, this feature is not just exclusive to fan/light).

Yes, exactly how it’s set up :slight_smile:

Which one? The one @bobzer said he loves (cycle up and back down), or the one I suggested (off–>high–>medium–low–>off)? :laughing:

another featuure that would be great it’s flashing on the bar light the power of the fan when we press the button.
So whatever the kind of cycle, when we press the button we have the value of the new intensity, the light could be 1% to show off then 33% to show low, 66% to show medium and 100% to show high.

Hmm, I thought the Blue 2-1 wasn’t rated to be a fan switch. Does adding the canopy module allow the Blue 2-1 to be a fan switch?

Edit: I think I found my answer here, it looks like the Smart Fan Switch should be paired with this:

You can use the 2-1 without the load connected to control the canopy via binding. If you’re using the Fan Switch there isn’t a need for the canopy.


The fan switch standalone would not be able to control a fan/light combo on a single switch though, correct? The canopy module would be better suited for that use case?

Yes. The problem arises when you do not have a 3-wire i.e. separate conductors for the fan and the light) between the switch box and the fan. So the fan switch alone can control a fan without a light, but when the fan has a light, then that’s a problem for the fan switch alone. So the module allows you to control the fan and light separately in this situation.