Blue Series Fan Switch Firmware Changelog | VZM35-SN

IMPORTANT: I have paused the 1.06 update for z2m users and am recommending that users hold off on updating and to not do a factory reset if they have updated. There have been two switches that are not reporting their mfg and model info after a factory reset on firmware 1.06

February 6, 2024 / v1.06 / 0x02020106

Firmware/Blue-Series/Zigbee/VZM35-SN-Fan-Switch/Beta/1.06 at main · InovelliUSA/Firmware (

Parameter Related Changes:

Other Changes

  • Changed the behavior of keep alive cluster to stop using keep alive cluster when hub does not support it (Related to Hubitat bug).

  • Fixed the case where non-nuetral could not be identified. This would result in the switch boot-looping when turned on.

January 18, 2024 / v1.05 / 0x02020105

Firmware/Blue-Series/Zigbee/VZM35-SN-Fan-Switch/Beta/1.05 at main · InovelliUSA/Firmware (

Parameter Related Changes:

  • Modifying P55&P56,Add P120,P121,P129,P130,P131,P132,P133,P134

  • 55- Range is now 2-255. 255 = send On command

  • 56- Range is now 0-255. 255 = send Off command

  • 120- Change how a single tap on the switch works. 0 = Old method, 1 = Single tap cycles through speeds

  • 121- Fan Timer Mode
    0 = Off
    1 = On
    See Button Related Changes for more info

  • 129- Breeze mode
    0 = Disabled
    1 - 0xffffffff (See breeze mode calculator)
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  • 130- Config button binding mode. 0 = Disabled, 1 = Multi Tap (1x = low, 2x = medium, 3x = high, hold = off), 2 = Cycle mode

  • 131- Low speed for config button binding mode

  • 132- Medium speed for config button binding mode

  • 133- High speed for config button binding mode

  • 134- LED color for config button binding mode

Button Related Changes:

  • When in the local protection state, you can also restore the factory settings by the usual method
  • Combo Button To Change the Fan switch single tap mode
    Single Tap Old Method = Hold Up + Tap Config 12x = LED Pink
    Single Tap New Method = Hold Down+ Tap Config 12x = LED Cyan
  • Combo Button To Enable Initiator Mode (used to bind this device to the new fan + light module)
    Hold “up” + press “config” 2x: EP2 enters Initiator Mode, LED pulsing in purple. If binding is successful, LED flashes green 3 times; if unsuccessful, LED flashes red 3 times.
    Hold “up” + press “config” 3x: EP3 enters Initiator Mode, LED pulsing in cyan. If binding is successful, LED flashes green 3 times; if unsuccessful, LED flashes red 3 times
  • When P129(breeze mode)!= 0 ,Tap down 4x = enable breeze mode
  • If Fan Timer Display Enable(P121 = 1)
    Tap Up 1x = Fan Turns On
    Tap Up 2x = 5 minute timer
    Tap Up 3x = 10 minute timer
    Tap Up 4x = 15 minute timer
    Tap Up 5x = 30 minute timer
    Tap Down 1x = Fan Turns Off (timer is cancelled if it is still on)

Device Function Changes:

  • EP1 add new cluster 0x0202(Fan Control Cluster Server) (This should present an additional device in ZHA that shows as a fan).
    We can change the speed of the current fan switch by writing the attribute “fan mode” of the fan control cluster.
    fan mode supports off, low(level = 25%), medium(level = 50%), high(level = 100%), auto
    When P129 is not 0, setting auto will enter breeze mode.
  • Add a new Endpoint Dimmer Switch(Exactly the same as EP2)
    Endpoint id: 3
    Device id : 0x0104
    Cluster list:
    Basic(id : 0x0000 ,Server)
    Identify(id : 0x0003 ,Server&Client)
    Groups(id : 0x0004 ,Server)
    Scenes(id : 0x0005 ,Server)
    OnOff(id : 0x0006 ,Server)
    Level(id : 0x0008 ,Server)
    Private Cluster (id:0xfc31 ,Server, mfg-code:0x122f)

Command Changes:

  • Modify the private command BindInitiator [cmd id: 0x04] to BindInitiator (endpoint) [cmd id: 0x04]. The endpoint supports input parameters of 0x02 and 0x03. 0x02 indicates EP2 enters Initiator, and 0x03 indicates EP3 enters Initiator.

Other Changes:

  • Fixed the inability to use Hold up/hold down to adjust the level of the binding device in OnOff + Remote Control Mode
  • Fixed incorrect firmware version display
  • Removed the ability to add EP2 to a group to multicast commands to group members
  • Fix LED color not changing (Blue series VZM35-SN LED parameters don't take effect until switch is operated - #26 by jon)
  • Match 2-1 red ramp rate behavior
  • Add Breeze Mode and Wind Down Sequence Mode(It only works in non-remote control mode +dimmer mode, that is, P52=0 and P258=0)

Sorry if this is common knowledge, but this FW is filed under “Beta”, is there a promotion cadence for them or is all non-manufacture time firmware considered beta? Should we apply this now or wait for any amount of time?

Personally, I would wait unless this is some switch that is in some lightly used room and you want to try the new stuff out. I released the fw to our beta testers about a week ago and some of them installed it, but I don’t think they have tested out many of the new features yet. Especially since we are still working on the drivers and converter updates.

Updates are there for SmartThings I believe and should be available for z2m, zha, and Hubitat not too far in the future.

OK, awesome. I’m on Hubitat and will hang out til we see an announcement of a GA version. Will they come in this same format? I’ve never been actively awaiting one like this before, so sorry for the questions.

I also need to figure out how to work around the fact that a handful of mine are deployed in parts of the house that the firmware transfer seems to time out :thinking:

Yeah, they will come in the same format. FYI, I did just push a driver update that has the extra parameters for Hubitat. There is still a little more work that needs to be done on it though.

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This beta made the max speed magically start working on my switch (it was only toggling between low/medium until now). Everything on it seems to be stable and works fine for me, so far!

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Feedback: the new single tap mode should absolutely be default. Treating the switch as a dimmer by default is unintuitive and granular percentage settings is a corner case that few people will actually use.

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I had the opportunity to update to this firmware and test over the weekend. This is fantastic that Inovelli was responsive and able to get this done. This “New Method” is so much better, and I agree it should be the default.

With that said though, I am going to stick with my workaround developed through Home Assistant automations for this switch, even though I would much prefer this be handled at the switch for those times when HA may not be available (and because of the slight lag). I have my automation configured such that each up press cycles up through the speeds, if it’s on high, it cycles back to low; and obviously a down press turns it off. If it’s off an up press returns to last state.

I know it is impossible for Inovelli to satisfy every use case, but to me/my family when a down paddle is pressed something should turn off. I LOVE that each up press increases the speed, but HATE that if the fan is on medium or high, it requires 2 or 3 down presses to turn it off. Yes, it is consistent and even intuitive (when you take a minute to think about it), but it isn’t convenient when you just want to turn it off.

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I hear you and that does make sense. I am thinking there might need to be a different mode that functions the way you are describing (so 3 in total). I also think that one of those new modes should be default. The strange thing is that I don’t think we got that initial feedback from the beta testers (before product launch). Come on guys! :slight_smile: I’ll request this with the firmware team and see if we can get it done.

I’m mostly joking, our beta testers rock.


Wow! I didn’t expect a response, especially that one, but I’m certainly appreciative it is something that will be entertained!

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I’m talking about it with the engineer to see what he thinks of your idea, but I did want to mention that you should be able to set parameter 54 & 56 to double tap the switch to turn it off. That is just another alternative that some might not have thought of yet.

Any word from the firmware team on this? I love the idea of being able to cycle between fan speeds, but not having a 1 touch off makes it a non-starter for me. Also, any thoughts of adding this functionality to the Blue 2-1s? Being able to toggle between low, medium, and high dimmer settings would be awesome.

Anyone get the new firmware to work on Home Assistant? After updating, my configuration only shows this:

Screenshot 2024-02-02 at 14.36.28

A new Z2M (1.35.2) was just release that included a fix for the new fan firmware.

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Thank you, I’m currently using ZHA so that’s probably why.

PR in ZHA was merged 3 days ago. I imagine it will be in one of the Feb core updates


Yes on both questions. We are adding it to both devices.

I’m slightly confused on how we enabled custom length fan timers with v1.05?

I used to just set the AutoTimerOff field to the time I wanted. When the switch was tapped up (once), the timer would start. How do I get back to enabling this same functionality again?

Using zigbee2mqtt. I have the current release pulled in, not seeing anything in the zigbee2mqtt UI related to fanTimerMode

Should be called " AutoTimerOff"

does fanTimerMode mode have be 1 for this to work now?