Blue Series 2-1 Signal / Routing / Performance Issue Troubleshooting Thread

Ok, stupid move question. Does anyone know what resistor value R2 has? On my first attempt at the 90% fix I shorted out the R1 and R4 pads but realized I had a huge solder blob over R2. When I removed the solder blob, the resistor was gone.

I gotta say the form submission was actually pretty easy using your Apple shortcut. The hardest part for me was making sure my camera didn’t accidentally take a picture of the wrong QR code because I had all the switches next to each other in the box. I ended up with some duplicates because of this but nothing that wasn’t fixed in 10 seconds with Excel.

Also to you and your team: I know others have said this already but I was fortunate enough to have 3 working switches so I installed them and they’re amazing! Great work from the team!

To those who bought a bunch of these that were all defective, just hold out for the replacements when they come in, you won’t be disappointed!


Happy Thanksgiving @Eric_Inovelli. Hope you and your family have a relaxing and enjoyable day to reflect on all the wonders of our lives.

No hurries, but I never received a confirmation for my submission that I sent Nov 7th for order #18128. Just wanted to make sure you actually received the spreadsheet and photos I uploaded.


I’m going to PM you :slight_smile:

Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

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You are all set! I’ve changed you from yellow to green on my sheet :wink:

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


We definitely appreciate the offer!

Honestly, I need to give you guys some kudos more often. I can’t tell you how many times you all have helped and you didn’t even know it. Our tickets would be double if not triple if not for the community. So, I think the biggest way everyone can help is to remain amazing contributors to the community.

It really helps us!

In addition to tickets, you guys have helped us identify these issues and while it sucks that there are issues, they’re solved relatively quickly which we’re very thankful for. Special shoutout to @tube and @dmulcahey for getting to the bottom of everything and allowing us to pass this on quickly to the manufacturer (and to also hold them in check as they knew we understood the issue and couldn’t kick it down the road).

So, I just want to say thanks – you guys help out more than you know!


I just submitted my form as well…. All 20 of my blues are impacted. =( I tried one in my most-favorable location and had no luck pairing. So much for my plan to install everything over Thanksgiving break while the family is out of town. :rofl:

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Looking at this image of the whole chip:

there are other resistors of the same color on R5 and R6. Could perhaps test those and see what resistance they read? If your probes can reliably test something that tiny…

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Resistor that small are not marked with their resistance value. Most of the time the color of SMT Chip resistors is black and will not be marked with resistance values unless they are at least 0402/0605 size or larger.

I was incorrect before on assuming that R4/R1 was a zero ohm jumper. The part that is populated is an inductor and not a resistor. So by not moving it you will loose some signal quality as besides directing the RF signal it is also part of a π-filter.

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I assume you mean it’s an inductor? The use of an indicator in this type of circuit wouldn’t make any sense.

Yes Inductor, good catch. Didn’t see that the phone selected the wrong correction.

Autocarrot strikes again.

Thanks for the info btw, I’m going to attempt to move, rather than remove, the inductor to maintain the filter.

What’s local?

Maybe we need a list of electricians around the world experienced with Inovelli products

Damn autocarrot . . . .

I filled out the form but didn’t get an email. Should I retry?

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@Eric_Inovelli Just one switch of mine in bad range, but just submitted the form to receive replacement. Have a nice weekend!

Myself as well, no response at all. I trust Inovelli is collecting names somewhere, OR should we have had a response after submitting?

Correct, they are manually verifying and tracking all submissions. You should get an email once they finish inputting things on their end. You shouldn’t need to resubmit the form, just give them time.

I could be wrong, but I believe they are holding enough inventory from the next batch to replace all defective switches. So, if you haven’t submitted the form yet there will still be one “reserved” for you once you submit the form.

For some reason the link to that shortcuts isnt working. Trying to figure out which of my sets is in the bad group.