Blue Series 2-1 Switch - Enhancements/Bugs Thread

The problem is the slider covers the 2-255 range requiring you to 1) do math and 2) know the formula (:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) required.

I don’t understand why levels arent on a 0-99 scale. No one is thinking oh, I want my light brightness to range between 00 and FF.

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Gives you granular options though.

AND the Zwave version is limited to 0-99 per Zwave specs/standards. So in the Zigbee Hubitat driver I made it match that for consistency across the two product lines (Blue and Red). And I’m pretty sure Eric M made the SmartThings Edge drivers the same way.

True, but do you really need more than 100 settings? :thinking:
The internal dimming/ramping still uses 255 steps.

And don’t forget:
Double-Tap UP Level (P55)
Double-Tap DOWN level (P56)

In total, this applies to Parameters 9,10,13,14,15,55,56

Are you still planning on upgrading to square/Robertson/ECX-compatible screws on a future production run? (and hopefully on other in-progress/future products too)

The switches I received from the latest batch (dated 2303) still appear to have the older style screws - my square bits didn’t fit into the side screw terminals or the mounting screws.

Like you, I hadn’t heard of these before this thread. Now, after having used a square bit on some other light switches and outlets, I want these screws on everything! :slight_smile: (and that was with just the vanilla square/Robertson bit - I imagine an ECX driver would be even better)

I believe that is still the case, but they had to get through the leftover stock before shifting over. They definitely do make a difference and worry less about stripping out the head.

Now we got to get Inovelli to use the new Leviton Edge levers (built in wagos)


Is there any insight (whether confirmed or just planned) on if/when the Blue 2-1 will transition to the MG24?

(I’m assuming that qualifies as an ‘enhancement,’ but if not, please accept my apologies and move this to the proper place.)

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It looks like the next shipment of switches will come in Aug/Sep. That is the end of the summer. That original post was from January. Is it safe to assume that the next shipment will contain the MG24 chips? I don’t want to order until I know I can upgrade OTA. Hardwiring 30-40 switches is too much

Did the Robertson combination screw update get included on the Red 2-1 (the first run that is currently on a boat)?

I’ve actually got Red 2-1 switches on order, but I assume this will be the same for both Blue and Red:
Am I correct in my understanding that you can go ahead and wire the Master Red/Blue and the Auxiliary White swtiches, restore power, and then make the changes to the Master to configure for multi-way with Aux? In other words, having the default setting (of single pole) in place with the aux switches wired doesn’t hurt anything, it just doesn’t work properly for mult-way until you change the config?

It shouldn’t hurt anything as long as you have it wired correctly. I’ve installed 10 3/4 way combos last year and didn’t have any issues wiring aux switches together then adding/configuring to the network. You should be good to go.

Agreed, the switch will work but won’t “listen” for the 3-way until you activate that setting.

Hello @Eric_Inovelli , just checking in. Will Batch 4 of the Blue Series 2-1 coming in August/September have the MG24 chip? It is pretty important for me before I buy a big lot of switches. Flashing 20-40 switches with a cable would be a hassle. Thanks!

As per this thread, I’d like to be able to disable the standard LED on/off behaviour when in dumb light mode.

Any chance we can get a parameter / toggle for this?

It’s been ages since I’ve used notifications, instead I manipulate the default colour of the LED strip. The reason I do this is because the default on/off LED behavior still triggers and it drives my OCD crazy when I have that flash of blue when the LED is set to red.

I can picture this option as something like “Disable default LED on/off behavior when notifications are on” as well.

I believe existing Parameter 17 is the one you want. Try setting P17 to 0 “do not display load level” and I think that will do what you’re asking. You may also want to set P97 and P98 to 0 (led bar intensity when on/off)



So this is almost exactly what I’m looking for. I tried it but now instead of it staying on for 2 seconds, it flashes for maybe 50-100ms. This is way better but clearly there’s something else still causing it to go on for a moment. Any ideas? I’ll put this into that thread I linked as it’s a bit off topic here.

Same as @Rob here! I need to know when the MG24 will be standard in the Blue series and can’t order ahead of then. I have over a hundred switches to buy and install, and thus need OTA firmware updates. :slight_smile: Any guidance appreciated @Eric_Inovelli


Any chance we could get an addition “button down” event added?