Cannot get Switch to pair at all

I had to do the same to get mine to work. It’s weird because I already have 2 hardwired zigbee devices in the adjacent room, including 1 way further from the hub that had no issue pairing. I ended up putting an extra zigbee plug about 4 feet from the switch. Updating firmware now so fingers crossed that it fixes it.

edit: For a datapoint, I have Supervised HA on a NUC with Zigbee2MQTT and the Sonoff Zigbee 3.0 dongle.

Okay I think I know my problem. I’m a little embarrassed that I didn’t realize this before.

The switch is in a metal box and I think it blocks out most of the signal. I assume that’s why it works when I put an outlet nearby.

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Have a look at this thread: there is a known issue that you may not yet be aware of, and some 1st-gen Blue switches will need to be replaced. If your switch address starts with 94:34:69 or 38:5b:44, it has the defect.

If anyone has already installed some of the affected switches in their environment. It seems you can get them almost fully functional, but you’re going to need a very strong mesh that doesn’t relying on the Inovelli Blue switches to route. Initially I installed around 26 switches of 38 and at the time had 15 devices that acted as routers. Some of the switches worked initially but after some time many of my devices (non-Inovelli and Inovelli) seem to be locking up and be non-responsive. I decided to try and flood the network with additional routers in various locations to further strengthen the mesh. I added additional smart plugs, Innr Bulbs (the ones that route) and even flashed the firmware on two spare Sonoff Dongle-P sticks with the router firmware. Occasionally I will still have an issue with binding not working, but most of the time the switches seem to be fully responsive. I realize this is far from an ideal scenario and not cheap, but if you were in a bind like I was, it seems to be an okay temporary solution until they are replaced. One last thing…I noticed that Sengled bulbs don’t play nice with Inovelli switches. After hours of trying, I gave up and just replaced them with Innr Bulbs, which work flawlessly in SmartBulb mode. The signal/pairing issues are certainly a big frustration, but putting that aside, every other aspect of these switches I really love.

looks like I was not the only one and my switch falls under the recall. sucks that Inovelli received a lot of bad units that will have to be replaced. Hopefully it is not another 6 months to get a replacement.

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Hi, any updates on replacement switches. I filled out the form a week ago that was sent out, but have not received a reply yet. thx

Track here: Blue Series 2-1 Switch - Network / Pairing Issue Announcement